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Friday 15 February 2013

Stephanie Taylor runs workshop for Solent

Stephanie Taylor, who runs her own training business, recently ran a workshop for Southampton Solent business students, entitled: How to face-to-face network.

The workshop highlighted how we have come to rely on social media and emails to communicate with each other so much, we almost seem to forget the impact that a face to face meeting can have.

This interactive workshop was a fun chance to learn and practice some new skills from Stephanie, who was once a graduate recruiter with NatWest bank.

The workshop focused on three key areas:

  • How to overcome your nerves and be yourself.
  • How to make an instant positive impact in face to face interactions with others.
  • Hints and tips for successful networking

Germaine Estella, a MA Marketing Management student, commented:

“Attending Stephanie Taylor’s ‘how to face-to-face network’ one hour training class reminded me of how important talking to people and building connections and relationships face to face actually is. Meeting people in person is more valuable than sending thousands of emails or Facebook messages.

“When the training began I suddenly found myself feeling terrified at the thought of graduating and having to face sitting through interviews or even pitching ideas to potential employers.

“As the training progressed I started to feel more at ease, especially with some of the great tips that Stephanie provided.

“A tip I will always remember for the future was when she proposed that it would always be better if you thought yourself as equal to the person you would potentially meet with, and instead of being nervous or scared just think of ways in which you can both help each other.

“One other thing that also fascinated me is that ‘words’ and what you actually say only accounts for 7%  of the impression that we make on people, leaving ‘body language’ and ‘tone’ with greater percentages.

“This really amazed me as I thought back to all those times when I thought ‘What am I going to say?’ before a presentation, not realising that my body language and tone were more important.

“I think this advice will help me be more confident in face to face networking in the future and I definitely recommend you attend any of Stephanie Taylor’s training sessions if you ever get the chance! It was great and it really has changed my life in some ways.”