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Tuesday 26 May 2015

The launch of the first integrated master's programme

Building on its established and successful provision of professional and postgraduate qualifications for the acoustics industry, the media technology group and Solent Acoustics have developed Southampton Solent University’s first integrated master’s programme – MEng Audio and Acoustic Engineering.

This addition contributes to Solent Acoustics’ existing portfolio of BEng (Hons) Audio and Acoustic Engineering and BEng (Hons) Acoustics.

Measuring levels of noise pollution.

The MEng allows students to study for a four year course leading directly to the MEng qualification, a qualification recognised worldwide for making engineering graduates more employable.

An additional benefit for students is that their standard undergraduate student funding will be available for all four years of the course – there is no need to make an additional application for postgraduate funding.

The course is targeted at the engineering end of the audio and acoustics industries, with graduates expected to work developing new audio technologies, designing innovative acoustic spaces and working to make machinery and domestic goods quieter.

“The industry is constantly developing, and there is more call for acoustic engineers than ever,” states course developer Dr Chris Barlow.

“Companies in most sectors need to have acoustics expertise at some point – whether designing a concert hall, getting planning permission for a new supermarket, designing a quieter washing machine or making the latest sports car sound good.”

The degrees have been geared towards graduates gaining accreditation for Chartered Engineer status, and as a result are highly technical. Feedback during course development from prospective employers has been very positive. Chris continues:

“We already have a number of graduates going into this field from our audio engineering course, so it made sense to develop some more specialist titles which really target the engineering end of the industry. Employers are really looking for acoustic and audio engineers.”

Southampton Solent University has built a reputation for excellence in the field in the time since Solent Acoustics – now in its fourth year – was set up.  The media technology programme already has an excellent reputation in the audio engineering and acoustics industries, and we regularly get employers actively seeking out our graduates.

In fact, Solent staff and students will be able to directly benefit from this expertise, as one of our graduates is managing the acoustic design for the Solent Spark!

Graduates can also be sure that they are being taught by leading practitioners in the field, with members of the course team representing industry bodies at a high level, including the Audio Engineering Society, Institute of Acoustics, Institute of Broadcast Equipment Manufacturers and the Association of Noise Consultants.

For more information about this new initiative or Solent Acoustics’ other services, please contact Dr Chris Barlow or visit the Solent Acoustics webpage.

Solent Acoustics have developed Southampton Solent University’s first integrated master’s programme – MEng Audio and Acoustic Engineering.