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Thursday 8 May 2014

Work Experience: Richard Knox

Richard Knox, student on BA (Hons) Football Studies talks about his work experience during his second year as an international scout for the Irish Football Association.

During the second year of my degree I was offered the amazing opportunity to work for the Irish Football Association as an international scout.

Not only was this excellent work experience but also a chance to spend some time networking and getting to know the players in such an important institution like the Irish FA. When this role came out, I was approached by one of my tutors and former professional player Kevin Braybrook who asked me if I was interested in applying.

I was then sent a document containing all the players who are registered to represent Northern Ireland at senior and youth level. At that point, it was up to me to link the weekly fixture lists to the player data base.

After selecting a fixture to attend, my job was to watch the Northern Ireland players during the game and complete a report to send to the first team coach, Michael O’Neill.

I have been fortunate enough to watch different teams and styles of football at various levels including, Southampton first team and youth team, Bournemouth and Swindon and it’s really helped me understand the way they operate.

I also designed a template which the other scouts in the Northern Ireland Football Association now use to complete reports.

I’m so proud that I made a tangible contribution during my time there and I’m positive that this won’t be my last scouting experience.