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Monday 29 June 2015

Catching up with Emma Pinner, graduate of BA Fitness Management and Personal Training

We caught up with Southampton Solent University graduate, Emma Pinner, who talks about how her time captaining Team Solent’s women’s football squad positively affected her university experience, as well as her employability.

You have just graduated with a BA (Hons) Fitness Management and Personal Training from Southampton Solent University. What did you enjoy the most during the course?

The elements of my course that I enjoyed most were the practical parts. Throughout my degree I was given clients to train, which allowed me to put the knowledge I had learnt through my lectures and seminars to the test. This experience was priceless as it can be taken into the real world and applied to my career path as a personal trainer.

Would you recommend this course and why?

I would recommend this course because of its practical nature. Only a few other universities allow first year students and clients to work together. From my first year at Solent, I gained valuable knowledge to carry me through the rest of my degree.

Emma playing with her team.

You have been a very successful Team Solent FC captain the past few years. Tell us what skills you have learned from being part of a team that you have been able to apply to your studies.

Being part of a team at university is a huge commitment, however being within a team gives you a great base of friends for life.

One of the skills I have learnt as a captain, has been my ability to be more precise with my communication skills, making sure what I say is straight to the point. This crosses over to personal training career path, as I am more of a confident speaker and can now get what I want to say across more clearly than I could before.

Tell us how being part of a sports team is beneficial/enriching for your university career/life?

This is something that I wouldn’t change for the world! As well as my course mates I have a large amount of other friends that I get to see at least 4 times a week due to being part of a team. We are a large team that work hard for each other on the pitch but this stems from the friendships we have off of it. Football is a team sport, so the importance of being a close group of people is key and that’s what playing a sport can give to someone.

You were nominated for Sports Woman of the Year award at the 2015 Pharmanutricals Sports Awards. You came very close to winning. How do you judge the quality of women’s athletes at Southampton Solent University?

The female sport at Southampton Solent University is forever improving! Through each of my 3 years at the University I have seen a great change in the drive of the institution to allow students to thrive in their chosen sports. The drive of the students is also incredible. Just being nominated for the award was such a huge moment for me, because I have seen first-hand how talented and hard-working the students at this university are.

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Will you still captain Team Solent FC next season in the Hampshire County league?

My captaining spell is over sadly, I have enjoyed every moment though. Each year the arm band is passed on and a new student steps up for captain, for both the BUCS and Hampshire County Women’s League. There are some exceptional players left within the team, who will easily build upon what we have already achieved in the last two years, so I have no fear giving the band to another player.

Emma Pinner

What are your plans now?

The plans for me are to hopefully build a personal training business closer to home, looking to provide health and fitness for children in schools. Football will also be featuring in my plans, it just depends on whether my body will allow me to continue, and for what team I play for…