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Thursday 15 February 2018

Dr James Steele, Associate Professor of Sports and Exercise Science at Southampton Solent University has been appointed Principal Investigator at ukactive, strengthening their Research Institute ahead of a year of milestone research reports.

James will combine his new role at ukactive with his position at the University, providing an effective link between university-based academic work and the real-world intervention studies of the ukactive Research Institute.

ukactive CEO Steven Ward said: “We are delighted to have James on board, adding fresh impetus to the fantastic work the ukactive Research Institute has been carrying out in the past few months.

“James’ academic expertise and passion for physical activity is of real value to us as we continue developing significant and impactful research to build an evidence base for the benefits of physical activity.”


The new role at ukactive comes hot on the heels of James’ appointment to the Expert Working Group for Physical Activity, which is responsible for the review of the UK physical activity guidelines.

The current UK physical activity guidelines were published by the Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) in 2011 to offer evidence-based recommendations for physical activity in different segments of society. The current guidance for adults is 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week.

Six Expert Working Groups will each cover a different age range, working alongside national stakeholders to review current guidelines and present their own recommendations to the four British CMOs – based on the latest scientific evidence.

Based on his experience in exercise science, James has been appointed to the Expert Working Group for Adults. The group will produce a technical report with recommendations to the UK CMOs for physical activity guidelines for those aged between 19 and 64.

James says: “As someone who has studied and worked in exercise science for the past decade, I’m very excited to work with ukactive to help get Britain more active through the work of the Research Institute.

He has worked at Southampton Solent University for the past six years, building a wealth of experience in exercise science. James also has extensive experience working with non-athletic populations, including the elderly, diseased and sufferers of chronic lower back pain – a population that he continues to conduct research with.