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Solent University’s School of Business was selected to share its learnings from a recent collaboration that enabled the transfer of knowledge from the CMI’s Better Manager’s Manual to regional employers.

6th August 2020
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The University’s approach to knowledge transfer will be used as a case study that is being rolled out across the UK and international territories by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

As a registered CMI learning centre, Solent’s Head of Business, Finance and Accountancy, Gillian Saieva presented findings and insights from the CMI’s Better Managers Manual as part of the Winning in the Solent region series of events. The sessions, delivered over a three-month period, covered a variety of topics including managing change, flexible working, and returning to the workplace. Expertise and insight were provided by the University, with each follow-on session co-created with employers to ensure the content remained relevant and met the needs of the audience.

"The Better Managers Manual provided a valuable resource for attendees to take away and apply within their workforce," explains Gillian Saieva. "Businesses of all sizes have had to rapidly adjust to the new environment with employees facing a number of challenges, both professionally and personally. Often managers can end up in the middle ground trying to balance work and personal requirements while also trying to manage their own wellbeing. The manual therefore provided a structure for developing the content of the sessions, while enabling attendees to take a practical toolkit into their business."

Through talking around a series of tips from within the manual, Gillian provided a balance of practical insights alongside her own experience of working within industry. Gillian sits on the regional advisory board of the CMI, with a remit for helping to transfer knowledge between employers and education providers.

Commenting on the initiative,Matt Roberts, Director of Membership at the CMI, added, "We were delighted to hear that Solent University were utilising the Better Managers Manual to help support people during the Covid-19 pandemic. Work was in progress to be able to circulate the Better Managers Manual wider and when we heard of this initiative through Gillian’s position on the South East regional board. It soon became clear that this would be a great format for us to deliver through our regional boards across the UK. We’re delighted to see Solent, as a CMI registered partner, at the forefront of this.

The CMI now plans to release a toolkit for their UK and international boards to roll out the manual, featuring the Solent case study. You can view a copy of the recording that explains how the University shared its insights through this short recording produced by the CMI.

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