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Solent's latest satisfaction results

9th August 2017

Southampton Solent University scores high for student engagement and five subject scores are ranked in the top ten in the UK for overall satisfaction, according to the latest National Student Survey (NSS) published on Wednesday 9 August 2017.

Recording its largest ever response rate of 75%, the University scored higher than the sector average in two of the new areas introduced this year to give fresh insights into student engagement - ‘learning opportunities’ and ‘learning community’. It also continued to score higher than the sector average for ‘learning resources.’

In a year in which the sector average dropped, Southampton Solent University is pleased to have scored highly in a number of areas, with 81% of our students overall satisfied with their time at Solent.

Ten courses across all five schools scored 100% for overall satisfaction, and our architecture, law, building, publicity and specialist technology subject areas were ranked in the top ten in the UK.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Graham Baldwin says: “I am delighted to report that ten of our courses achieved perfect scores of 100% for satisfaction in this year’s NSS and that courses in architecture, law, building, publicity and specialist technologies are ranked in the UK top ten.

“It’s also particularly pleasing that we scored highly in two new areas of the survey which ask students about the learning opportunities offered to them while they are with us and how they work with other students and staff as part of the Solent community.”