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Our Student Advisors and Wellbees share their top tips

7th March 2019

Thursday 7 March is University Mental Health Day and this year’s theme is about the power of using your voice.

Throughout the day, here at Solent we have had activities taking place to remind staff and students to use your voice and share stories to help shape the future of mental health.

We have been talking with some of our Student Advisors and Wellbees throughout the day…

Helen Jolley, Student Services Team Leader (Wellbeing) general tips for wellbeing:

  • We understand that University can be a stressful time. Adapting to university life can be challenging and it’s really important to give yourself time to get used to it and look after yourself
  • Make sure you get a good balance between academic work and social activities.
  • Take time out to do things you enjoy, connect with people and do things to help you relax is really important for your wellbeing and to improve your productivity
  • Get to know what is normal for you, and what isn’t – if you are experiencing higher than usual stress levels or feeling more anxious about things and this is beginning to impact on other areas of your life, come in and have a chat with somebody
  • There are lots we can do to help, the earlier you seek support the better
  • Try and maintain a generally healthy lifestyle – plenty of sleep, a balanced diet and making time for exercise – these things all have a huge impact on your general wellbeing.

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Advice from our Wellbees

Solent Wellbees are all students at the University who take time out of their studies to volunteer and support the Student Hub with campaigns and events. They shared their tips:

Amy, third-year fashion promotion and communication:

  • Acts of kindness small or big make the world a kinder place, and can make you feel good about yourself.

Eline, second-year psychology and counselling:

  • Be honest with yourself, know when you are taking on more than you're currently capable of doing. I've found strength in being able to say no to things that have burnt me out in the past. It allows you to say yes and put your time and effort into the right things instead.

Briony, third-year psychology student:

  • My mental health tip is to take time for yourself and never be afraid to put yourself and your mental (and physical) health first. This has done wonders for me personally and I have felt so refreshed after taking a few days off to myself.

Chanelle, psychology student:

  • Take care of yourself: eat well, stay hydrated and make time to breathe when you're having a busy day. Go for a walk, clear your mind, its ok to take a break.

We all have mental health, we all have a voice, we all have stories to share. 

Use your voice #UniMentalHealthDay

For more support or information on all the services available to you during your time here at Solent, contact the Student Hub. If you’d like more information on our Wellbees, please email