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Alison Messenger

Alison Messenger

Associate Lecturer

School of Art, Design and Fashion

023 8201 3717 ext. 3717 Room no. RM328


I was raised in a South Yorkshire mining community and saw first-hand the damage the working environment can do to the mind and the body. My choice of career was influenced by these experiences and I have a BSc in Psychology from Bolton University and an MSc in Work Design and Ergonomics from the engineering production department at the University of Birmingham.

I am now a registered ergonomist with over 30 years experience and run Castle Ergonomic. As a company we seek to improve the working environment by providing assessment, training and design assistance. We also work with designers and inventors, providing enveloping, structured test procedures and assisting in finishing products for manufacture. I am able to bring this work to my teaching, here at Solent University, providing commercial examples of ergonomic input to the design process.

Before setting up my company, I worked in both academic and commercial research for 10 years at both Southampton University and the Institute of Naval Medicine. Projects ranged from putting yellow lines on platforms for London Underground (stops people getting too close to the edge) to designing boat seats for the SBS and military helicopter seating.

I have taught part time at Solent University for over 20 years. I provide all the ergonomics input to the engineering and design courses, as well as teaching work based learning, preparation for employment, and working on the technology foundation programme.

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