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Bailey Ashton Adie

Dr Bailey Ashton Adie

Research Fellow

School of Business, Law and Communications

023 8201 6969 ext. 6969 Room no. RM201


Bailey Ashton Adie completed her PhD in Management and Development of Cultural Heritage at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy in 2015, with a focus on the World Heritage brand and tourism in an international comparative context. She also has an MA in Cultural Heritage and International Development from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK and a BA in History and Asian Studies from the University of Vermont, Burlington, USA.

Her research interests include World Heritage tourism, sustainable heritage tourism for community development, and tourism branding. 

Further information

  1. Research interests

    Bailey's research interests lie in heritage tourism, World Heritage visitation and management, tourism branding and marketing, sustainable tourism for community development, visitor management, and urban tourism.
  2. Current research

    Bailey's current research includes: disasters and second home tourism, World Heritage tourism, Islamic tourism, tourism and events, and film tourism.
  3. Recent publications

    Bailey has contributed to a number of journal articles, conference presentations and book reviews. Click below to find out more.

    Journal articles

    • Adie, B.A., Hall, C.M., & Prayag, G. (2018). World Heritage as a placebo brand: a comparative analysis of three sites and marketing implications. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 26 (3), 399-415.
    • Adie, B.A., Amore, A., & Hall, C.M. (2017). Urban tourism and urban socialist and communist heritage: Beyond tragedy and farce? International Journal of Tourism Cities. 3(3), 291-304
    • Adie, B.A. (2017) Franchising our heritage: The UNESCO World Heritage brand. Tourism Management Perspectives, 24, 48-53.
    • Adie, B.A. & Hall, C.M. (2017). Who Visits World Heritage? A Comparative Analysis of Three Cultural Sites. Journal of Heritage Tourism, 12(1), pp. 67-80.

    Conference presentations

    • Adie, B.A. (2018). Film tourism and cultural performance: Mexico City’s Day of the Dead parade. Paper presented at the Inclusive Innovation in Tourism: Enhancing Local Experience Researcher Links Workshop, August 28-31, Phuket, Thailand.
    • Adie, B.A. (2017). Coordinated management practices at the Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps World Heritage Site: Navigating the global-local divide. Paper presented at the 5th UNESCO UNITWIN Conference: Local Identity and Tourism Management at World Heritage Sites, April 18-22, Coimbra, Portugal.
    • Adie, B.A. (2017). World Heritage and tourism: A tenuous relationship. Poster presented at the Research and Innovation Conference: Making an Impact, May 3-4, Southampton, UK.
    • Adie, B.A., (2012). Urban Renewal, Cultural Tourism, and Community Development: A New Delhi Case Study. Paper presented at the Fourth Encuentros Conference: Responsible Tourism, September 27-29, Portorož, Slovenia.

    Book reviews

    • Adie, B.A. (2017). A Review of “Cultural heritage tourism: five steps for success and sustainability”, by Cheryl M. Hargrove. Journal of Sustainable Tourism
    • Adie, B.A. (2017). A Review of “Visitor management in tourism destinations”, edited by J.N. Albrecht. Journal of Sustainable Tourism
    • Adie, B.A. (2017). A Review of “Attracting visitors to ancient neighbourhoods: creation and management of the tourist-historic city of Plymouth, UK”, by Daniel Barrera-Fernandez. Journal of Sustainable Tourism.
    • Adie, B.A. (2016). A Review of “UNESCO in Southeast Asia: world heritage sites in comparative perspective”, edited by V.T. King. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 24(12), p. 1747.
    • Adie, B.A. (2016). A Review of “World Heritage, Tourism and Identity: Inscription and Co-production”, edited by L. Bourdeau, M. Gravari-Barbas, and M. Robinson. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 24(7), p. 1062.
    • Adie, B.A. (2016). “Book Review: Social Memory and Heritage Tourism Methodologies, edited by S.P. Hanna, A.E. Potter, E.A. Modlin Jr., P. Carter, and D.L. Butler.” Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 24(5), pp. 799-803.