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Brian  Wink

Dr Brian Wink

Head of Psychology

Faculty of Sport, Health and Social Sciences

023 8201 2068 ext. 2068 Room no. SMX07


Brian is interested in how our perception of the world and our beliefs about it influence our behaviour. He holds both an undergraduate degree and a PhD in psychology from the University of Reading. He lectured at the University of Wolverhampton for over 10 years before taking up his current position as head of psychology at Solent University. He has developed and delivers a positive psychology based programme, emphasising the importance of our perceptions, which has been shown to increase psychological wellbeing in the workplace. He also provides consultancy on Q methodology, a factor analysis based technique for identifying common perspectives from participants, which can be effectively employed in evaluation.

Teaching and roles

  • Psychobiology.
  • Supervises final-year projects.
  • Head of psychology.
  • Member of University Ethics Working Group.
  • Programme approval chair.

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Brian has professional memberships in the British Psychological Society (chartered psychologist), Applied Vision Association and the International Positive Psychology Association...

    Professional memberships

    • British Psychological Society (chartered psychologist).
    • Applied Vision Association.
    • International Positive Psychology Association.

    Brian is also a reviewer for the following journals

    • 'Visual Cognition'.
    • 'Clinical Neurophysiology'.
    • 'Perception'.
    He is also a book and proposal reviewer for Wiley Press and Open University Press.
  2. Recent publications

    Brian's recent publications include academic journal articles, conference papers and projects. Follow the link below for more information...

    Wink, B. and Lukianskaite, L. (2013). 'Perspectives on the Philosophy of Mind'. Paper presented at 29th Annual Q Conference, 5-7 Sept, Amsterdam.

    Wink B., Henderson S., & Campbell S. E. (2013) 'The effectiveness of a workplace positive psychology programme in the age of austerity'. Presented at the Third World Congress on Positive Psychology, 27-30 June, Los Angeles, USA.

    Wink B. and Campbell S. (2013) 'Preliminary Outcomes Report on ‘Positively Flourishing’' Programme for Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. Commissioned Report.

    Wink B. and Campbell S. (2013) 'Preliminary Evaluation Report on ‘Positively Flourishing’' Programme for Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. Commissioned Report.

    Henderson S., Wink B., Coe D. & Read A. (2012) 'It’s a Shame: Student Perspectives on Academic Misconduct'. Paper presented at 28th Annual Q Conference, September 5-8, Pittsburgh, PA.

    Henderson, S., J. Holder., A. Scrase and B. Wink, 'Evaluating Inter Cultural Competences on International Work Placements: The Skill2e Programme, Discussion Paper  presented at Innovation in Challenging Times', sponsored by the Association of Business schools, The  Higher Education Academy and the British Academy of Management, held at Manchester Metropolitan University, 22nd-24th April 2012.

    Henderson, Wink, Coe & Read (2012) 'Student perspectives on academic misconduct: A Q methodological study'.  Paper given at 'Innovation in challenging times' - The ABS Learning & Teaching Conference in association with the HEA, April, Manchester, UK.

    Wink B. (2012) 'Being happy for performance and development'. Invited talk given at Society for Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE) South East Branch Conference, 23 March.

    Wright, Pike & Wink (2011) 'Stakeholder perceptions of the intangible benefits of Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Beauty: An investigation using Q methodology'. A report prepared for Chichester Harbour Conservancy.

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    Tomlinson, Eleanor K; Jones, Christopher A; Johnston, Robert A; Meaden, A; and Wink, B (2006). 'Facial emotion recognition from moving and static point-light images in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research'. Vol 85(1-3), Jul 2006, pp. 96-105. Vol 85(1-3), Jul 2006, pp. 96-105.

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