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Bruno De Oliveira

Bruno De Oliveira


Faculty of Sport, Health and Social Sciences


Bruno's research career is focused on participatory methods, such as photo-elicitation, at the boundaries of community and social psychology and sociology. His research has led him to contribute to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Poverty in the UK.

Bruno researches institutional practices and lived-in experiences in the context of marginalisation, particularly homelessness and welfare claimants. He takes a critical realist approach and uses mixed methodologies, especially creative and visual methods. He is particularly interested in developing interdisciplinary research. His work is informed by the critical community psychology approach.

Bruno has a background in community project management with awarding-winning SMART-based and EU Erasmus+ projects, which involve planning, project management, and leadership skills to achieve set goals evaluated by SWOT or ToC analysis aimed at influencing policy.

Bruno's journal article, On the news today: challenging homelessness through participatory action research has been Highly Commended in the 2019 Emerald Literati Awards. He is a fellow the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts.

Further information

  1. Teaching experience

    Bruno has been lecturing since 2015 in psychology, sociology and social policy. Follow the link below for more information about his specialist teaching areas.

    Bruno has gained the Associate Fellowship of The Higher Education Academy as recognition of his sound work facilitating learning. 

    He researches marginalisation and lived-experiences in the context of institutional practice, particularly austerity. He takes a hermeneutic phenomenological approach and uses qualitative methodologies, especially creative and visual methods.

    Bruno's specialist teaching areas are social psychology, psychology of crime, well-being and community psychology. He likes to teach psychology as a subject that questions current social issues and aims at bringing institutional practices into account, and aims to make links between policies and lived-experiences experiences. Bruno likes to bring different media (art, film, advertising, news and policies) to illustrate ideas and concepts in psychology. He teaches psychology aimed at applying the principles of critical pedagogy by encouraging his students to interrogate society - he doesn't see his students as a bank where he deposits knowledge, but as co-producers of knowledge.

  2. Research interests

    Bruno's research interests lie in social inequality and mental distress, critical community psychology, multi-stakeholder capacity building action research in communities, homelessness and action research, structural suffering, cultural hegemony.
  3. Recent publications

    Follow the link below for a list of Bruno's most recent publications.
    • De Oliveira, B. (2018) On the news today: challenging homelessness through participatory action research, Housing, Care and Support, Vol. 21(1) pp. 13-25.
    • De Oliveira, B. (2017) Enclosures, beneficence and fluid spaces – the practice of informal mental distress work: In conversation with Dr Carl Walker. Psychology of Women Section Review, Vol. 19(1), Spring.
    • De Oliveira, B. (2016) Brazil's Democracy & Return to the Senzala, Turning the Tide; Culver City Vol. 28, Iss.7, 3-6.
    • Published on Division 27 of the American Psychological Association, Vol 48. No 3 Summer (2015).
  4. Awards

    Follow the link below to see Bruno's awards.
    • Nominee at the University of Brighton Alumnus Award 2015 nominee / outstanding community involvement 
    • Winner at outstanding community project at the Argus community Award 2019
    • Nominee at the University of Brighton Excellence in Facilitating and Empowering Learning Award Scheme 2015, 2016 & 2019
    • Nominee at the Brighton Fringe Visual Arts Award in Association with Artist Open Houses 2019
    • Successful Cities Inequalities and Injustice funding application 2019