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David  Alamouti

David Alamouti

Course Leader

Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies

023 8201 3072 ext. 3072 Room no. JM224


David's previous films have played and won awards at international festivals including London Documentary Festival, Krakow, AM Docs, Jakarta, Big Sky, Palm Springs, Utah and more.

His research interests are in the area of hybrid narratology and participatory documentary. 

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    David has 10+ years of making films for international broadcast and theatrical.
  2. Teaching experience

    David has 10+ years of teaching at HE and professional CPD level courses.
  3. Research interests

    David's research interests include storytelling in the visual language; new technologies and their impact on storytelling; entertainment, ideology and storytelling in the filmic space; documentary practice; film as cultural thought processes.
  4. Research and enterprise outputs/activities

    David's research and enterprise outputs include: Citizens Project (2008), Mother (2009), Voices of Courage (2010), Gilad and all that Jazz (2011), Boys with Broken Ears (2012), Justice Seekers (2013) and Ghazi and I (2014).
  5. Awards

    David has won the following awards: Best film, Utah Film Festival - Gilad and all that Jazz, Best film, Noor Film Festival - Boys with Broken Ears, Best film, Lake Champion Film Festival - Boys with Broken Ears and Best Film, Jakarta Film Festival - Boys with Broken Ears.