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Elise  Nichols

Elise Nichols

Associate Lecturer

School of Business, Law and Communications

023 8201 6713 ext. 6713 Room no. RM121


As an associate lecturer at Solent University, Elise teaches a variety of international business and economics units. Initially graduating with a Maitrise in international economics in Paris, she later went on to gain an MSc in international banking and financial studies at University of Southampton. She has lived in the UK for twenty years and held a number of posts in finance, sales and logistics in manufacturing multinationals. She has had a continued interest in education and her first teaching work was with French school Ecole de la Neuville, specialising in institutional pedagogy. Elise has done various published translations, interpreting work for the HCC/EU mobility and observation programme, personal tutoring, and ran an early-learning French club for two years.  

Currently, her interests focus on international issues linked to business education, open data issues, European integration and influence on education. She has on-going Humanities interests in French, Italian and cinema.

Taught courses