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Emmanuel Itodo Daniel

Dr Emmanuel Itodo Daniel BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, MCIOB


School of Art, Design and Fashion

023 8201 3206 ext. 3206 Room no. HC112


Emmanuel is a lecturer in construction management at Solent University. He joined Solent University in 2017 from Nottingham Trent University (NTU) where he worked as a research fellow.

Emmanuel obtained his PhD from the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment, Nottingham Trent University. His research developed an approach to support construction stakeholders for rapid and successful implementation of the Last Planner System (a lean construction philosophy) for construction process improvement.

Before embarking on his PhD, he was awarded a distinction in his Master’s degree in Project Management (Construction) in 2013 at NTU. Prior to this, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree with 2.1 honours in Building from the University of Jos, and a Master’s degree in Construction Management from the University of Lagos, both in Nigeria.

Emmanuel is not only passionate about research, but also an active researcher and has worked on various funded projects. In 2014, Emmanuel worked on a funded research project valued at £15,000 for Highways England. The research examined the practice of Last Planner, collaborative planning and collaborative working practice across Highways England’s supply chains and produced a report with clear recommendation to improve current practice. In 2016 he worked on another funded project for Highways England, valued at circa £40,000. The research focused on understanding and defining what social value means for Highways England and its supply chain companies and finally developed a framework for evidencing social value within the design and delivery of infrastructure projects.

He has over six years’ practical experience in the construction industry, where he occupied various positions such as site engineer, construction manager and project engineer before venturing into academia and research.

Emmanuel is a member of the Chartered Institute of Building, UK; the Lean Construction Institute, UK; and the International Group for Lean Construction.

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Emmanuel has over six years' experience within the construction industry. Click below to find out more.

    Between 2007 and 2012, Emmanuel worked for various construction firms in roles ranging from site engineer to project/construction manager. He has experience in the construction of housing estates, commercial buildings, industrial projects and also on road projects.

  2. Research interests

    Emmanuel's broad research interests cover construction project management and lean construction-related issues. Follow the link to find out more.
    • Lean construction
    • Collaborative models in construction planning
    • Production system design for construction
    • Building information modelling
    • Waste and production workflow in construction
    • Procurement and relational contracting
    • Collaboration in construction
    • Innovation in construction
    • Social value in construction

    Potential PhD candidates in these areas or related areas are welcome.

  3. Recent publications

    Find out more about Emmanuel’s recent publications. Publications can include articles in academic journals; book chapters or full books; creative projects; conference participation and multimedia works

    Daniel, E.I., Pasquire, C, Dickens, G., Ballard, G., (2016). The Relationship between the Last Planner® System and Collaborative Planning Practice in UK Construction. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management. ISSN 0969-9988. 

    Daniel, E.I., Pasquire, C., and Dickens, G. (2016). Exploring the Factors that Influence the Implementation of the Last Planner System on Joint Venture Infrastructure Projects: A Case Study Approach. In: Proc. 24th Ann. Conf. of the Int’l. Group for Lean Construction, Boston, MA, USA, 20-22 July, 2016, sect.6 pp. 23–32.

    Daniel, E I, Pasquire, C and Dickens, G (2015). Exploring the implementation of the Last Planner® System through IGLC community: Twenty-one years of experience.  In the 23rd Annual proceedings of the of the International Group for Lean Construction, Perth Australia, 28-31st July.

    Pasquire, C., Daniel, E and Dickens, G. (2015) Scoping study on last Planner collaborative planning and collaborative working in the UK road transport sector [online]. Final research report for Highway England, Centre for Lean Projects, Nottingham Trent University.

    Daniel, E. I, Pasquire, C and Dickens, G., (2015). Assessing the Practice and Impact of Production Planning and Management in UK Construction Based on the Last Planner® System. In: Proc. of 2nd CADBE Doctoral Conference, Nottingham, UK, June 8-9.4.

    Daniel, E. I, Pasquire, C and Dickens, G (2014) Social perspective of planning in construction: The UK experience In: Raiden, A B and Aboagye-Nimo, E (Eds) Procs 30th Annual ARCOM Conference, 1-3 September 2014, Portsmouth, UK, Association of Researchers in Construction Management, 1355- 1365.

    Daniel E.I, Pasquire, C., and Ameh O. J. (2014). The Magic of Last Planner System for Nigerian Construction. In: Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction Conference, Oslo, Norway, pp 605-616, June 23rd -25th.

    Ameh, O. J and Daniel E. I. (2013). Professionals’ view of material wastage on construction sites and cost overruns. Organization, Technology & Management in Construction: An International Journal 5, no. 1, pp 747-757.

  4. Teaching experience

    Prior to joining Solent, Emmanuel taught construction topics at both HE and FE level. Click below to find out more.
    • 2016: Nottingham Trent University, Department of Construction Management - teaching assistant (Introduction to Lean Construction and Integrated Working).
    • 2014-2015: Solihull College - lecturer, civil engineering.
    • 2010: University of Lagos, Nigeria - teaching assistant, Department of Building.
  5. Work in progress

    Emmanuel has a number of publications under review. Follow the link to find out more.
    • Daniel, E. I. and Pasquire, C. (under review) Creating Social Value within the delivery of Construction Projects: The Role of Lean Production Philosophy. Lean Construction Journal.
    • Daniel, E.I, and Pasquire, C., Dickens, G. and Ameh, O.J. (under review) Exploring the Potentials of the Last Planner® System Thinking in Minimising Production Flow Waste on Construction Sites in Nigeria. Journal of Construction Project Management and Innovation
    • Aluko, R.O, Daniel, E.I, Abisuga, A.O, and Oshodi, O.S. (under review) The efficacy of using data mining techniques in predicting academic performance of architecture students. The Journal of Construction in Developing Countries.
    • Ameh, O.J, Oshodi, O.S, Daniel, E.I, (under review) Factors influencing quality performance of local contractors in Nigeria construction industry. International Journal of Construction Management.
  6. Awards

    Emmanuel has received a number of awards for his academic work. Find out more here.
    • Second best presentation award at the 2nd CADBE Doctoral Conference at Nottingham Trent University, UK (June 2015).
    • Second best paper award at the 2nd CADBE Doctoral Conference Nottingham Trent University, UK (June 2015).
    • International Group for Lean Construction PhD Summer School Scholar, Oslo, Norway (2014).
    • Best graduating student (Distinction) M.Sc. Project Management (Construction), Nottingham Trent University, UK (2013).
    • Recipient, Nottingham Trent University International African Scholarship Award (2012).
    • Recipient, University of Lagos, School of Postgraduate Studies, Teaching/Research Assistant Scholarship Award (2010).
    • Benue State Government of Nigeria bursary award (2003-2006).