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Gordon Brand

Gordon Brand

Associate Lecturer

School of Art, Design and Fashion


Gordon has never been able to escape the creative culture of Solent, a student here in the early 90’s he was then invited back to join the product design team as an Associate Lecturer a few years later.

An alumnus of Central Saint Martin’s College, London – Gordon has taught product design, as well as working on various consultancy projects across a range of challenging contexts. This variety has enabled Gordon to build an extensive portfolio of design knowledge, and helped to contextualise both his design philosophy and approaches to design thinking.

To the design table Gordon brings a unique mind that thrives on design thinking. He believes challenging convention is the only way to break new ground and achieve new outcomes. To education Gordon brings a wide-ranging knowledge and experience of the design industry, an affable personality, but also a way of looking at things in a slightly divergent way that will get you thinking and bring out the best in you and allow you to stand on the perimeter of the design circle and look out to a wider perspective than that of its narrow-focussed centre.

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