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Isara Muangthai

Dr Isara Muangthai

Postdoctoral Researcher

Warsash Maritime School

023 8201 3298 ext. 3298 Room no. RM307a


Isara obtained her bachelor degree in environmental engineering from Kasetsart University, followed by a master’s degree in the same field from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. She received a research fellowship from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan to conduct experiments at Chia-Nan University of Pharmacy and Science during her master's research. She then worked as a research assistant at Chulalongkorn University after completing her master's degree.

With a strong interest in environmental research, Isara pursued a doctoral degree in environmental engineering. In January 2017, she gained her doctorate from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, supported by a distinguished graduate scholarship from the University. She is grateful for the scholarship support, as it allowed her to expand her perspective, gain new experience and knowledge outside her home country.

Research interests

Isara’s research interests align in the areas of energy and environment. 

The challenge in energy issue has become one of environmental problems. As her PhD background relates to energy consumption, CO2 emissions, energy economic methods and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), this would assist Isara to develop her research skills towards a larger scope in the area of energy assessment and the quantitative modelling relate to climate policy.

Isara envisions her future research to extend across energy modelling systems, integrated assessment models (IAMs) and techno-economic analysis. The modelling study particularly in the IAMs has become one of the effective tools to provide different options for dealing with climate change problems and explore the long-term energy system transformation needed for stringent climate mitigation.

Isara’s research interests include input-output analysis study; life cycle assessment/input-output life cycle assessment (IO-LCA) of economic-based sectors; the study of CO2 emission mitigation pathways, focusing on energy intensive sectors at regional and national levels; and exploring the role of renewable energy and technology deployment in the industrial sectors.

Further information

  1. Projects and awards

    Follow the link below to find out more about the projects Isara is currently involved with.
    Isara is currently working on the Ports Energy and Saving Project (PECS) - an international cooperation project within the framework of the Interreg 2 Seas programme. The main goal of PECS is to curb carbon emissions of the small-and medium-sized entrepreneurial (SME) ports through low carbon technologies including renewables and energy efficiency. As one of partners in PECS, Isara focuses on developing a protocol for port energy audit methodology using carbon footprint and life cycle assessment.
  2. Recent publications

    Isara has contributed to a number of publications. Follow the link below for a list.
    • Muangthai, I., Lin, S.J. and Lewis, C. (2018). Environmental impact of the Electricity Generation Sector in Thailand by Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment (Manuscript in preparation to submit The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment).
    • Muangthai, I., Lin, S.J. and Lewis, C. (2016). Inter-Industry Linkage, Energy and CO2 Multipliers of the Electric Power Industry in Thailand. Aerosol and Air Quality Research.  Vol. 16, No.8, pp. 2033-2047.
    • Muangthai, I., Lewis, C. and Lin, S.J. (2014). Decoupling Effects and Decomposition Analysis of CO2 Emissions from Thailand’s Thermal Power Sector. Aerosol and Air Quality Research. Vol.14, No.7, pp.1929-1938.
    • Muangthai, I., Ratanatamskul, C. and Lu, M.C. (2010). Removal of 2,4-dichlorophenol by fluidized-bed Fenton process. Sustainable Environment Research Vol. 20, No.5, pp. 325-331.