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Jacqui Westbury

Jacqui Westbury


Faculty of Sport, Health and Social Sciences

023 8201 6253 ext. 6253


Jacqui was born and raised in Swindon and is the youngest of two children. She had a working class upbringing - her parents taught her the concepts of working hard and budget management (being frequently told money doesn't grow on trees from a young age).

Jacqui began to shape her own values and traits during her childhood and gained a reputation at school for looking out for others, being good at saying what she felt diplomatically (most of the time), helping advocate for others if they were struggling, working well in different teams, respecting and embracing difference, being interested in people and being enthusiastically chatty (sometimes the teachers might say too chatty!). Little did she realise at the time that these humble beginnings were the platform to an amazing profession.

Jacqui’s sister led the way in opening doors by bringing in the possibility of going to university for her family by getting into Oxford University. This inspired her to aim high for herself – leading her to go off to study Sociology and Social Policy (with social work combined) at Southampton University in 1996.

Who would have realised at that time how such a decision would lead to Southampton remaining her home to this very day where she is happily married raising her young twins and striving to inspire the future generation of social workers to be the very best they can be in helping achieve positive differences in other peoples lives.

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Following obtaining a Masters in Social Work in 2000 from Southampton University, Jacqui has built up a 20 year career in practice which has spanned different local authorities, in different children and families teams. This includes child in need and child protection work, short and long term case holding and working with looked after children.

    Jacqui has also stepped into different roles within management too - achieving a Masters in Leadership and Management at Southampton University in 2011 while in full time employment. Management roles have included managing front line child protection and child in need team, as well as those within a more quality assurance capacity. Jacqui’s most recent role before becoming a social work lecturer for Solent University was as principal social worker for a local authority – working strategically and operationally on improving both outcomes for children and raising standards for social work staff.

    What has been central to all of Jacqui’s practice, and continues to drive her motivation as a lecturer, is her desire and passion to improve outcomes and advocate and strive for fairness and social justice.

  2. Teaching experience

    Throughout her time in practice Jacqui has been a strong ambassador for students, what they can bring to the workplace and what is required from placement to help develop and grow students into amazing practitioners. This has been undertaken in many formats, including as the principal social worker and practice educator.

    This led Jacqui to undertake numerous guest lecturing at universities as well leading on the student and newly qualified program for her previous employer.

    This inspired her onto her next step within social work by becoming a social work lecturer for Solent University. Jacqui has already delivered her first two modules (Readiness for Practice – Level 4) and Social work for children, young people, their families and careers (level 6) and has provided (and continues to provide) tutorial support to students.

    Jacqui is now busy preparing to deliver in the next academic year on The professional social worker (level 4), Methods and interventions (Level 5) and Social work for children, young people, their families and carers (level 6) as well as becoming level 5 lead. She is excited to build further on her teaching experience over the coming years at Solent University.

  3. Research interests

    Jacqui finds herself particularly interested in the impact of leadership and organisational cultures in social work. She is also interested in empowerment of social workers in relation to self-advocacy as individuals and as a profession.
  4. Recent publications

    Westbury, J. 2019. ‘Believe in ourselves and each other can move mountains’. In: C. Megele, A. Birchall, ed. Promoting Importance of Human Relationships: World Social Work Day 2019 Principal Children and 1families Social Worker Network
  5. Awards

    Within industry Jacqui’s passion, determination, ability, enthusiasm, and leadership was recognised though numerous awards, including being a finalist for Team Leader of the Year in the National Social Work Awards after being nominated by her team, as well as two awards for her work in driving forward research in practice within the local authority she was working for.
  6. Work in progress

    Jacqui will be looking to undertake her PGCE in the next academic year.