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Jane Parry

Dr Jane Parry BA, MSc, PhD, FHEA

Postdoctoral Researcher

School of Sport, Health and Social Sciences

023 8201 6135 ext. 6135 Room no. RM201


Jane is a sociologist of work who has been working in applied research for various funding bodies and government departments for the past two decades, following her PhD which looked at how social solidarities and work have been reformulated in former coalmining communities. Her research looks at how employment and careers are changing within different occupations, as well as how disadvantage operates within labour markets, with a particular focus on life course factors.  She has research interests across various Schools at Solent, and is also a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Research on Ageing at Southampton University.

Jane has worked across the universities of Westminster, Birmingham and Southampton, in addition to as a research consultant, leading projects and involved in numerous successful collaborations, having come to an academic career from starting out as a researcher for Peter Hain PC. She is particularly concerned with producing impactful research and involving policymakers to ensure that that policy is informed by high-quality evidence. 

Methodologically, Jane is a qualitative researcher, who specialises in in-depth interviews often supplemented with visual techniques or with an ethnographic grounding, and has frequently worked as part as a mixed methods team. 

Research interests

Jane's research interests lie in the areas of:

  • The changing world of work and workforce inequalities.
  • New ways of working and negotiating mobility, such as digitised work.
  • Measuring active ageing in the international arena.
  • Flexible working and age-friendly workplaces.
  • Social participation and community solidarities.
  • The interaction of paid and unpaid work in individual trajectories over the lifecourse.
  • Policy-focused research.
  • Marginalised work.

Further information

  1. Projects and awards

    Follow the link below to find out more about Jane's prizes and recent projects.


    • Sage prize for new writer for the first post-doctoral article, published in Work, Employment and Society.

    Recent or current projects

    • Gender and Working Class Childhood Mobilities (University of York seed funding)
    • Age Friendly Workplaces (Centre for Ageing Better).
    • Employers, the right to request flexible working and older workers (Southampton Strategic Research Fund).
    • The New Dynamics of Work (ESRC).
    • Lifelong patterns of participation and non-participation (ESRC).

    Jane is currently developing project ideas around: older workers and flexible working; communities' oral histories; new ways of working; occupational mobility around blogging; and the work, representation and community relationships of modern witches.

  2. Recent publications

    Follow the link below to see a list of Jane's published works.

    Recent publications

    Parry, J., Zaidi, A. and Um, J. (2018) ‘Monitoring active ageing in the Asia-Pacific region: Recommendations for future implementation of the MIPAA’, International Journal of Ageing in Developing Countries, 2 (2): 82-98.

    Brookfield, K., Parry, J. and Bolton, V. (2018) ‘Going Solo: Lifelong non-participation among the NCDS cohort’, Leisure Studies.

    Brookfield, K., Parry, J. and Bolton, V. (2018) ‘Getting the measure of prosocial behaviours: A comparison of participation and volunteering data in the National Child Development Study and linked Social Participation and Identity Study’, Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

    Parry, J. (2017) Employers, the right to request flexible working and older workers: Research Briefing

    Halford, S., Leonard, P., Parry, J., Ellis, J. and Pope, C. (2015) Gender equality at Work 2015: New Policies for Old Challenges. Policy Brief for PublicPolicy@Southampton by Work Futures Research Centre

    Halford, S., Hudson, M., Leonard, P., Parry, J. and Taylor, R. (2016) The New Dynamics of Work Scoping Study, Work Futures Research Centre Working Paper

    Smeaton, D. and Parry, J. (2018) Becoming an age-friendly employer: Evidence report, Centre for Ageing Better

    Key publications

    Parry, J. and Taylor, R.F. (2007, July) ‘Orientation, opportunity and autonomy: why people work after state pension age in three areas of England’, Ageing and Society, 27 (4): 579-598.

    Parry, J., Taylor, R., Pettinger, L. and Glucksmann, M. (2005) ‘Confronting the Challenges of Work Today: New Horizons and Perspectives in L.Pettinger, J.Parry, R.Taylor and M.Glucksmann (eds.) A New Sociology of Work?, Oxford: Blackwell.

    Parry, J., Barnes, H., Lindsey, R. and Taylor, R. (2005) Farmers, Farm Workers and Work-Related Stress, Research Report to the Health and Safety Executive.

    Parry, J., Vegeris, S., Hudson, M., Barnes, H. and Taylor, R. (2004) Independent Living in Later Life: Qualitative research, DWP Research Report, no. 216

    Barnes, H., Parry, J., Sahin-Dikmen, M. and Bonjour, D. (2004) Minority Ethnic Students in Architecture, Report for the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment.

    Barnes, H. and Parry, J. (2004) ‘Renegotiating Identity and Relationships: Men and women’s adjustments to retirement’, Ageing and Society, 24 (2): 213-233.

    Parry, J. (2003) ‘The Changing meaning of work: Restructuring in the former coalmining communities of the South Wales Valleys’, Work, Employment and Society, 17 (2): 227-246.