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John  Thursfield

John Thursfield

Associate Lecturer

Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies

023 8201 6646 ext. 6646


After leaving university with a degree in genetics and biochemistry John went to work in Pebble Beach recording studios, starting as a tape op before moving on to engineer sessions.

Parallel to this, he developed an interest in home recording and, while working as a guitar player/singer, he simultaneously got increasingly sophisticated recording equipment and began earning money writing music for dance companies, radio and latterly for television. He then worked for a multimedia company with responsibility for sound on a wide range of products creating music, sound effects and editing voice over.

In 2002 he took an MA in sound design for the moving image at Bournemouth Media School. He then began teaching editing for a local education provider before moving on to work for CSV teaching radio. After being in charge of editing and production at the Glastonbury and Bestival festivals radio stations, he began freelancing for BBC Local Radio. Two of his pieces were picked up by national radio and selected as examples of the best of the week's radio and played on Radio 4's Pick of the Week. His sound design for We Need To Talk About Kevin was also featured on the show.

John has taught radio at Solent University since 2006. Most of his recent work has been as a sound designer but he still gets asked to do radio work, most recently acting as a location sound recordist on a Radio 4 play. He has written a radio drama and has been making it for last the twelve months - he hopes to finish this in the coming year.

In addition John has been working on pre-production of a feature-length animated film for the last three years that he has hopes of going into production next year.