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Judith Fathallah

Judith Fathallah PhD, FHEA

Postdoctoral Researcher

Faculty of Sport, Health and Social Sciences


Judith received her PhD in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies from Cardiff University in 2014, where she also contributed to teaching. Following this, she lectured at Bangor University before taking up her post at Solent.

Research interests

Judith's research interests lie in the areas of digital cultures, fan studies, convergence between media industries and users, user-generated content, and popular culture.

Further information

  1. Projects and awards

    Judith is working on a bid to the AHRC Research Networking Scheme, aiming to bring together researchers, academics and media professionals to further discussion on the role/functions of the contemporary audience.
  2. Recent publications

    Follow the link below for a list of Judith's recent publications.
    • 2017. Invisible girls: emo, gender, and the problem of femininity In: Under my Thumb: The Songs that Hate Women and the Women that Love them. Jones, R., and Davis, E. eds. Repeater Books.
    • Beyond Anti/Fandom: Tumblr as Postmodern Surface. Journal of Transformative Works and Culturefs.
    • 2017. ¬†Reading RPF as digital fiction: an argument for new perspectives. EuroMedia 2017, Jul 10-12, Brighton, UK.
    • Fanfiction and the Author: How Fanfic Changes Popular Cultural Texts. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press (distributed in U.S. by University of Chicago Press).
    • Reading RPF as digital fiction: an argument for new perspectives. ¬†Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies.