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Komali Kantamaneni

Dr Komali Kantamaneni PhD, MBA, MSc, PGCLTHE, FHEA

Research Fellow

Faculty of Creative Industries, Architecture and Engineering

023 8201 6970 ext. 6970 Room no. RM307a


Komali completed her PhD at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Swansea, entitled Assessing coastal vulnerability: development of a combined physical and economic index. Her research produced, for the first time, a combined vulnerability assessment based on physical science parameters and economic drivers.

She holds an MBA in Business Studies from Cardiff Metropolitan University, and MSc in Environmental Sciences and a BSc in Biology from Acharya Nagarjuna University, India. Her academic background gives her different perspectives, and she engages with interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects such as coastal and water infrastructures, natural disasters, risk assessment and management.

Komali is a special issue editor for the Journal of Sustainability

Komali is Associate Editor and Board Member for Palgrave Communications Journal

Subjects: environmental studies, geography, urban studies and science/technology and society

Research interests

  • Coastal vulnerability
  • Natural disasters (hydrological)
  • Climate change and risk analysis
  • GIS
  • Development and application of holistic framework/systems around various facets of the environment and climate change
  • Water infrastructure

Further information

  1. Projects and awards

    Follow the link below for detailed information about Komali's projects and awards.



    GCRF Project - Coastal vulnerability - South Asia
    This project also supports (for Chinese coastal vulnerability) by the Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, grant no: XDA19080103.

    Global TanDEM-X Science
    Plan: Comparative analysis of EO data for flood modelling over low-lying coastal plains project. (TanDEM-X DEM Data support)

    Disappearing destinations - UK

    • Coastal vulnerability of the Hampshire
    • Hurricanes and climate change
    • Coastal vulnerability of the UK


    • British Council and Newton fund research award (Travel Grant) - Russia 2019
    • British Council and Newton fund research award (Travel Grant) - China 2019
    • British Council and Newton fund research award (Travel Grant) - UK 2019
    • Solent Staff Award for Excellence in Research - 2018
    • British Council and Newton fund research award (Travel Grant) -  Brazil,2018
    • British Council and Newton fund research award (Travel Grant) - UK 2018
    • British Council and Newton fund research award (Travel Grant) -  China 2018
    • British Council and Newton fund research award (Travel Grant) - South Africa 2018 
    • British Council and Newton fund research award (Travel Grant) - Malaysia 2018
    • British Council and Newton fund research award (Travel Grant) - Philippines 2018
    • British Council and Newton fund research award (Travel Grant) -  China 2017
    • British Council and Newton fund research award (Travel Grant) - Brazil 2017
    • British Council and Newton fund research award (Travel Grant) - India 2017
    • Invited talk on Disasters at 3rd World Congress – India -Travel Grant 2018
    • Emerging Scholar Award – Climate Change, Cambridge, UK 2017
    • Emerging Scholar Award – Interdisciplinary, Japan 2017
    • Emerging Scholar Award – Interdisciplinary, UK 2016
  2. Recent publications

    Komali has authored and contributed to a number of journals and publications. Follow the link below for a list of selected articles.

    Journal articles (selected)

    Kantamaneni, K., Rice, L., Yenneti, K., Campos, L.C. (2020) Assessing the Vulnerability of Agriculture Systems to Climate Change in Coastal Areas: A Novel Index. Sustainability, 12, 4771.

    Shinde, S., Aher, S., Pawar, A., & Kantamaneni, K. (2020). Spatio-temporal Variability of Discharge Over the Past 40 Years in Krishna and Koyna Rivers, India. Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Civil Engineering, 1-13.

    Kantamaneni, K. (2019). Evaluation of social vulnerability to natural hazards: a case of Barton on Sea, England.  Arabian  Journal of  Geosciences, 12: 628.

    Kantamaneni, K., Sudha Rani, N. N. V., Rice, L., Sur, K., Thayaparan, M., Kulatunga, U., ... & Campos, L. C. (2019). A systematic review of coastal vulnerability assessment studies along Andhra Pradesh, India: A critical evaluation of data gathering, risk levels and mitigation strategies. Water11(2), 393.

    Maximova, N., Kantamaneni, K., Morkovkin, G., Arnaut, D., & Rice, L. (2019). The transformation of agro-climatic resources of the Altai region under changing climate conditions. Agriculture9(4), 68.

    Kantamaneni, K. Gallagher, A. D., X. (2018). Evaluating and Mapping regional coastal vulnerability for port environments and coastal cities. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 1-12. DOI: 

    Kantamaneni, K Phillips, M., Thomas, T., Jenkins, R. (2018). Assessing coastal   vulnerability: Development of a combined physical and economic index. Ocean & Coastal Management, 158, 164-175. DOI: 

    Alrashed, I.; Kantamaneni, K.  (2018). A 5D Building Information Model (BIM) for Potential Cost-Benefit Housing: A Case of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Infrastructures 3, 13. DOI: 

    Kantamaneni, K., Du, X., Aher, S., & Singh, R. M. (2017). Building Blocks: A Quantitative Approach for Evaluating Coastal Vulnerability. Water, 9(12), 905. DOI:10.3390/w9120905 

    Kantamaneni, K., & Du, X. (2017). Is catastrophic climate change turning Britain into a hurricane hotspot? International Journal of Environmental Research, 11 (5-6), 569-578. DOI: 

    Aher, S., Kantamaneni, K., & Deshmukh, P. (2017). Detection and Delineation of Water Bodies in Hilly Region using CartoDEM, SRTM and ASTER GDEM Data. Remote Sensing of Land, 1(1), 41-52. 

    Ibeabuchi KO, Thomas T, Jenkins RE, Phillips MR & Kantamaneni K (2017) Climate Change Impacts, Awareness and Perception of Africa Rural Farming Communities. Adv Crop Sci Tech 5: 313. 

    Kantamaneni, K. (2016). Counting the cost of coastal vulnerability. Ocean & Coastal Management, 132, 155-169.

    Kantamaneni, K. (2016). Coastal infrastructure vulnerability: an integrated assessment model. Natural Hazards, 84(1), 139-154.

    Media article

    Kantamaneni, K.,Yenneti, K., Rice, L., Campos, L.C. (2020) Climate crisis causing families to shun farmers for arranged marriages. The Conversation. United Kingdom. 08-07-2020.

    Book chapter

    Izaga, F., Schutzer, J. G., & Kantamaneni, K. (2019). Perspectives on Green: Recent Urbanisation Works and Measures in Brazil and India. In Planning Cities with Nature(pp. 199-214). Springer, Cham.

  3. Research outputs

    Follow the link below to see which conferences Komali has presented at.

    Editorial board member - SN Business & Economics (Springer Nature)

    Associate Editor and Board Member - Palgrave Communications Journal

    Special issue editor - Journal of Sustainability

    Committees (international)

    International committee member - International Conference on Resilient and Liveable City Planning (RLCP-2020) - India, October 2020

    Conference chair (international)

    Special session chair - International Conference on Water Resource and Environment (WRE 2020) - Tokyo, Japan, August 2020

    Conference chair and advisory committee member - 8th APHW (Asia-Pacific Association of Hydrology and Water Resources - emerging technologies in urban water management) Conference - IIT Roorkee, India, 2019

    5th International Conference on water resource management - China, 2019 

    3rd World Congress on Disaster Management - India, November 2017  

    9th International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts & Responses - Cambridge, 2017

    Keynote talks

    Talk on coastal vulnerability at the International Symposium (Pandemics, Climate Change and Growing Inequality - Emerging Paradigm Shift in Helping Profession) - August 28th - 2020 (virtual).

    Invited talks (international)

    Talk on Coastal Vulnerability (online) at Gangadhar Meher University, Odisha, India - September 2020.

    International Conference on Water Resource and Environment (WRE 2020), Tokyo, Japan, August 2020

    Seminar on coastal vulnerability - Bicol University, Legazpi, Philippines, 2019

    5th International conference on Water Resource Management - China, 2019 
    Title: Flood water management 

    3rd World Congress on Disaster Management - India, 2017
    Title: Social vulnerability to natural hazards 

    3rd International conference on Water Resource Management - China, 2017
    Title: Landscape Planning and Erosion Vulnerability Assessment: A Novel Approach 

    Invited talks (national)

    Research seminar, Surrey University, 2019

    Public lecture, Solent University, 2019

    UCL, 2019

    Plenary talk at institutional links and Newton Fund workshop, UCL, 2018

    UCL, 2017  
    Title: Coastal vulnerability of the UK

    Special talks

    Talk on lived experiences of engaging with policy - at BAME researchers and the UK Parliament event (online) - September 2020.

    Talk on coastal erosion vulnerability at the United Nations symposium on Space Applications for Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action - September 2020.

    Workshops/conferences webinars organised

    Organised an international world café webinar on research informed teaching during COVID-19 World

    Fore more information, please see Komali's LinkedIn profile.