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Kristian Low

Kristian Low

Head of Journalism and English

Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies

023 8201 6061 ext. 6061 Room no. JM231


Kristian is currently the Head of Journalism and English at Solent University, with responsibility for the news journalism programme group. This contains undergraduate degrees in journalism, multimedia journalism, sports journalism and photojournalism.

As an experienced university lecturer Kristian is committed to ensuring that undergraduate journalism provision evolves with the changing demands of the industry. His teaching practice is focused on both media law and multi-platform feature writing, engaging students to realise the opportunities that traditional and new media offer a resourceful readership.

Kristian is passionate about educating and informing undergraduates to become knowledgeable and trustworthy journalists. He has two research interests, firstly in HE provision and support to students with additional learning needs, and secondly within media law, ethics and the importance of maintaining journalistic standards in the UK today.

As a course leader of Solent’s multimedia journalism degree for six years, Kristian has been involved in the design, modification and development of this undergraduate degree, its links with accreditation boards such as the BJTC, and with maintaining high professional standards. 

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Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Kristian has previously work at Archant, and the National Council for the Training of Journalists as a media law exam marker.