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Laura  Santamaria

Dr Laura Santamaria

Visiting Fellow

School of Business, Law and Communications


Laura is a senior level design consultant, academic. She is co-founder of Sublime Magazine, a publication dedicated to making sustainability accessible and aspirational to wider audiences. Laura has over 20 years’ experience working in the UK since 1993 in branding, strategy and fashion innovation, within the corporate and non-profit sectors as an independent consultant through her own agency, SantamariaMedia

Her global vision and expertise have gained her recognition as industry leader in sociocultural trends, fashion and lifestyle aspects of sustainability. She often represents the UK press at international conferences and events, taking part in industry expert panels, keynote speaking and competition judging.

Laura holds a PhD in Sustainable Design Innovation and an MA in Visual Communications and Branding. She currently lectures in design thinking, design innovation and design management at University of the Arts and Loughborough University London. Her current work and research focus on design strategies and methods for dealing with cultural and meaning-making aspects of innovation, and amplifying the impact of sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship through design.

She has been working in design-driven rural development through EU funded organisations, facilitating opportunities for fashion and textile design students interested in contributing towards re-igniting local livelihoods while preserving heritage through contemporary interpretation of traditional skills and crafts. 

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