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Ludovico  Ausiello

Dr Ludovico Ausiello

Senior Lecturer

School of Media Arts and Technology

Room no. JM231


Ludovico (Ludo) started recording and producing sessions on four track tape machines at the age of 14, while studying piano, guitar and bass. This stemmed a passion for both music and technology.

Being curious about physics, architectural acoustics, and recording technology, Ludo pursued an integrated masterʼs degree in electronic engineering to thoroughly investigate analog and digital signal processing, analog circuit design, amplifiers and data transmission systems. 

Afterwards he went on to do further study for a European PhD, focused on analog-to-digital converters, lossless data compression and innovative high quality music formats, including and surpassing the Super Audio CD standard. During one of the four years of his PhD he also worded as sound quality engineer at Maserati.

At the end of his PhD he decided to improve his mixing and mastering skills, and attended a professional training course at Fonoprint Studios in Bologna, one of the largest Italian recording facilities where Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini and Zucchero, among many others, have produced part of their catalogue.

After this intensive and diverse educational experience Ludo became teaching assistant of analog and digital electronics at the University of Bologna. 

In 2009 he began a professional collaboration with Professor Angelo Farina (Applied Acoustics at the University of Parma). He moved on to work for Harman Automotive as a system engineer,  then worked at Tannoy Ltd as a blue-sky researcher and transducer designer, and then PSS Belgium as a transducer designer, while also starting his own consultancy firm, HouseYellow Acoustics and Musical Studies.

Ludo joined the academic world again in 2018, when he became a senior lecturer in acoustics and audio engineering at Solent University, where he actually undertakes teaching and research, and share his passion for music, innovation and technology with students and researchers inside and outside the academic context.

In 2019 he completed the Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in the Higher Education and has now became a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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