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Martina Brown

Martina Brown


School of Sport, Health and Social Sciences

Room no. RM109


Martina completed her formal nursing qualifications in 1997. She sealed the passion for biological sciences by undertaking a Life Sciences degree at the Open University which introduced her to the exciting world of research.

During this time her clinical knowledge grew with a speed of flu epidemic. She was also awarded a scholarship at the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to undertake a Master's in Clinical Research (MRes) which she completed at University of Southampton.

This study facilitated Martina's retraining from a research-nurse to a nurse-researcher. Martina wants to pass her legacy by igniting the passion that drives student nurses to learn. Her aim is to shape a modern, integrated, flexible, mixed skills nursing workforce.

Martina has an extensive background in clinical research and clinical trials. Prior to joining Solent University, she worked as a senior research nurse with a focus on primary care and chronic disease management.

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Before her current post, Martina practised general nursing and specialised research nursing on the various medical, surgical and acute wards of the large teaching hospitals as well as in the primary care setting.

    Before her current post, Martina practised general nursing and specialised research nursing on the various medical, surgical and acute wards of the large teaching hospitals as well as in the primary care setting.

    She developed and disseminated educational initiatives of the published research and NICE guidelines, and facilitated the Foundations of the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) course. GCP is a training on ethics, regulations and data quality in clinical research and is compulsory for staff before they engage in any aspects of clinical research in the NHS.

  2. Research interests

    Martina is interested in undertaking the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PGCLTHE), and a PhD study in investigations of Helicobacter Pylori gastric infestations in paediatric patients.
  3. Teaching experience

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    Martina teaches student nurses on various aspects of clinical skills, subjects aligned to medicine and research using demonstrations of clinical procedures, theory and research delivery. She recognises that nursing is by its very nature a skilled, high-tech medicine-based discipline where it is often all too easy for lecturers to succumb to blunt, boring and uninteresting delivery of the complex issues.  

    Martina has ambitions to inject great energy into teaching. She employs a variety of entertaining student-centred teaching methods such as interactive game-based real-life scenarios, and encourages students using problem-solving sequencing of events, often from their own working environment. She bridges the gap between theory and practice in a more informal, pleasant and fun way.

    During observations of students’ performance, Martina seeks evidence of critical thinking and students’ ‘on-the-spot’ self-reflection as initial indicators of topic retention and effective practice.  As a result, the learners in her care conclusively demonstrate an awareness of ‘normal and abnormal’, as well as the safety for the patient, the public and themselves. Her students productively contribute towards a well-functioning knowledgeable clinical team by maintaining excellent communication and adaptability.

  4. Recent publications

    Follow the link to see Martina's latest publications

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