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Martina Brown

Martina Brown


School of Sport, Health and Social Sciences

Room no. RM109


Martina started to properly appreciate medicine at about the time she completed her formal nursing qualifications in 1997. She sealed the passion for biological sciences by undertaking a Life Sciences degree at the Open University, and it was at about that time when she began to understand the underlining biology behind health and disease, as well as introducing her to the exciting world of research.

During this time her clinical knowledge grew with a speed of flu epidemic. She was also awarded a scholarship at the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to undertake a Master's in Clinical Research (MRes) at the University of Southampton. This study facilitated Martina's retraining from a research-nurse to a nurse-researcher.

Martina wants to pass on the legacy of nursing by igniting the passion that drives student nurses to learn. Her aim is to shape a modern, integrated, flexible, mixed skills nursing workforce as a lecturer at the Solent University.

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