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Michael  Saker

Dr Michael Saker

Senior Lecturer

School of Media Arts and Technology

023 8201 6206 ext. 6206 Room no. JM210


I am a senior lecturer in broadcasting and digital creative industries. My academic background is in media and cultural studies. In 2014 I received my PhD from the University of Southampton, jointly supervised across the sociology and web science departments. I have a postgraduate certificate in learning and teaching in higher education, and I am a fellow of the HEA. My research interests include: 

  • Digital media technologies and the creative industries
  • Digital cultures and digital audiences
  • Social media and user-generated content
  • The mediation of everyday life
  • Locative media and memory
  • Locative media and mobility 

My research examines digital media and mobile communications along two interconnected lines of enquiry. First, I am fascinated by the impact digital media technologies are having on the creative industries. I am interested in the different ways new media enables people to be more active in the creation of content. I was recently invited to partner with a global online video platform on a project examining the changing viewing habits of young people, and the implications this may have for audience theory and practitioners alike.

Second, my research explores the physical, spatial and social consequences of location-based social networks in urban environments. I am particularly interested in the mediation of daily life through mobile technologies and locative applications. I have published and presented on locative media, location-based social networks in the context of identity, memory, pervasive play, mobilities, and the workplace. 

In sum, my research draws on a wide range of disciplines stemming from media and cultural studies to examine the role and impact of digital media in everyday life, and more broadly speaking, the creative industries.

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