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Mohammed  Al-Husban

Dr Mohammed Al-Husban

Senior Lecturer

School of Media Arts and Technology

023 8201 3942 ext. 3942 Room no. RM413


Dr Mohammed Al-Husban is a senior lecturer/researcher in the School of Media Arts and Technology. Mohammed teaches on courses within the business computing programme and is a member of the computing team. He has many years of professional experience in the computing industry as a programmer and consultant before going into academia. His research interests include human-computer interaction for web and mobile applications, eGovernment implementation and practices with emphasis on service integration, electronic business and electronic commerce. He has many peer-reviewed publications in journals, international conferences and national conferences, as well as a selection of book chapters.

Mohammed's current role as a senior lecturer in the School of Media Arts and Technology involves delivering seminars and lectures across a variety of computer science and IT units. This has provided him with extensive experience teaching undergraduate levels, which he finds extremely valuable and highly enjoyable. He enjoys motivating and communicating with students and finds it very rewarding helping them to achieve their potential.

His PhD is about web services and data interoperability in the context of public service integration in electronic government. He has produced a technical framework to aid towards indexing and further integrating public services. He is working on a massive dataset that has emerged from a recent field study, and looked particularly at integrating specific online services and data sharing between service providers. His PhD resulted in providing a whole new personalisation data framework to be used across different government departments, so citizens can interact with the eGovernment portal as they interact with digital social media, in order to enhance citizen participation and involvement towards a more digitally and modern society.

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  1. Research interests

    Mohammed is an active researcher in the School of Media Arts and Technology engaged in investigating management information systems...

    Mohammed is an active researcher in the School of Media Arts and Technology engaged in investigating management information systems, eGovernment implementation and technologies which have an impact on people, organisations and society. He has keen interests in applied inter-disciplinary research, where the theoretical framework of his computer science research is applied to real-world problems.

    His research interests fall into four major categories:

    1. Human-computer interaction for web and mobile applications.
    2. Electronic government implementation and practices with focus on service integration.
    3. Electronic business and electronic commerce.
    4. Electronic learning.

    One of his current projects involves the investigation of online public service integration. This study has thrown up some interesting results, as eGovernment initiatives in developing countries don’t seem to lack the technical infrastructure to successfully mature to integrated governments, as much they lack the underlying fundamentals in understanding the radical organisational shift that comes with the technology. Consequently, corruption, organisational resistance and participation have emerged as areas that need to be deeply tackled and addressed beforehand.

    A further project investigates the integration between the backend technologies in terms of online service provision. He examined specific online public services provided by certain service providers, most of which are government agencies. A current, and very significant, project is investigating how eGovernment service integration can cope with a humanitarian crisis. With a team of researchers, he is looking at integrating health and social services, as two major service providers for the current Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.

  2. Recent publications

    Mohammed's recent publications include book chapters and papers. For more information, follow the link below...

    Book chapter

    • Alhusban Moh’d (2014) 'Connected services delivery framework: Towards Interoperable Government'. IGI Global.


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