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Nadeem Anwar

Captain Nadeem Anwar FNI, MSc, BSc, Master Mariner, PGCEL, ACII

Senior Lecturer

Warsash Maritime School

023 8201 4292 ext. 4292 Room no. WW209


A highly-qualified and experienced British Master Mariner and Fellow of the Nautical Institute, Nadeem is qualified to postgraduate level, with recent marine and offshore operational experience and a proven track record of ship handling skills, as well as providing and managing marine services.

Nadeem's recent work includes marine surveys, tanker inspections, consultancy on tanker operations, port mooring pilotage, port operations, and assisting overseas administration with port state control and accident investigation. He has also developed training courses for petroleum, chemical and liquefied gas tankers. 

Nadeem previously spent 14 years at sea with command experience. He was at sea on VLCCs (command), product tankers, chemical tankers, ore-bulk-oil vessels, ore-oil carriers, liquefied gas tankers (command), and other ship types. In addition to academic and research experience, Nadeem has recent experience of deep sea command, as well as international commercial operations.

As a Master Mariner, academic, consultant, author and researcher, Nadeem has undertaken significant work on the issue of ballast water management and protection of the marine environment, and maritime education and training. He has authored a number of books on marine topics that have been published by leading UK publishers, and is now publishing ebooks and ibooks on marine topics.

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    In addition to his time at sea, Nadeem has held shoreside positions within the maritime industry. Click below to find out more.

    2010 – 2012: Managing Director, Flag Marine Advisory, Bahrain

    2009 – 2012: Master (deep sea LNG, VLCC) Terra-Marine Logistics, (at Bahrain)

    2009 – 2010: Managing Director, Elkins Marine, Bahrain

    1984 – 1998: Sea going positions up to Master (deep sea), ship types: VLCC, OBO, LNG, chemical, bulk, and multi-purpose)


    Consultancy work on marine pilotage incidents - Bahrain (2009-2012)

    Feasibility study on LNG imports (port structure) in Bahrain re shipping and port infrastructure (2011)

    Investigation of pilotage and port related Incidents in Bahrain (2009-2012)

    Consultancy on port infrastructure and navigational aids in Bahrain (2009 – 2012)

    Offshore rigs repairs coordination through ASRY Bahrain (2009-2012)

    Ship inspections (tanker pre and post fixture) (2009-2012)

    Development of SMS for shipping companies in Arabian Gulf (2010-2011)

    Pilotage for tanker berthing and unberthing at private ports in Bahrain (2010-2011)

    Marine surveyor – (self employed part time) – (2002-2008)

    Expert witness for Crown Prosecution Service (CPR) on matters involving sea passages

  2. Teaching experience

    Nadeem taught at Fleetwood Nautical Campus from 1998 - 2015, as a lecturer and curriculum manager. He joined Warsash Maritime Academy in March 2015, as a senior lecturer for the petrochemical courses.
  3. Recent publications

    Nadeem has authored a number of maritime-related publications. Click below to find out more.

    2012: Commercial English module for Institute of Chartered Ship Brokers

    2010: Ballast Water Management. (Witherby-Seamanship) (now 7th Edition, 2016), ISBN: 978 1 905331 970 

    2010: Report on artificial reefs for private clients

    2007: Sections of LNG/LPG books (Witherby-Seamanship)

    2006: NAVIGATION (Advanced) for Mates / Masters – Witherby-Seamanship International (2nd Edition) ISBN: 1 905331 15 0

    2006: Passage Planning Principles – Witherby-Seamanship, ISBN: 1 85609 322 0

    2006: Passage Planning Practice – Witherby-Seamanship, ISBN: 1 85609 323 9

  4. Research interests

    Nadeem's research interests lie in the fields of marine environment, ballast water management and treatment, marine navigation and marine collision avoidance.
  5. Work in progress

    Nadeem is currently working on his PhD - Implementation of Ballast Water Management Convention in Ports. He is also conducting research into process control and its impact on safety, and research into the application of e-learning for maritime short courses.