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Nauman Ali



Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies

023 8201 2067 ext. 2067 Room no. SMY04


Nauman is a senior business analyst and academic professional. He has expertise in strategic business analysis in areas associated with strategy, marketing and operations, and has professional experience at different decision making levels within industries such as manufacturing, construction, retail, design and innovation.

Nauman has teaching (online and on-campus) experience at different higher education and further education institutes in the UK and overseas. He has experience as a work-based tutor at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He has supervision experience related to academic and professional projects. He has also been associated with the different consultancy and training projects (eg, ERDF).

He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing. He is also a Member and Mentor of Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

In his free time, Nauman like to travel and admire the beautiful landscape.

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Nauman has extensive experience in industries, working in fields such as manufacturing, retail, construction, design and innovation. Follow the link below to find out the positions he has held.
    • Senior business analyst
    • International collaboration (education and training management)
    • Senior manager – marketing and operations
    • General manager – marketing and operations
    • Manager marketing information system and operation
    • Assistant brand and production manager (interlining and finished woven)
    • Corporate trainer / action learning trainer
  2. Teaching experience

    Follow the link below to find out more about Nauman's teaching experience.

    Nauman has held teaching positions including:

    Lecturer / supervisor / work-based tutor:

    • Solent University
    • University of Derby
    • Nottingham Trent University
    • CUC, Coventry
    • Global University System (LSBF, Aspire College)
    • London School of Science & Technology

    External Examiner:

    • Institute of Administrative Management
  3. Research interests

    Nauman has a number of research interests in his field of expertise. Follow the link to find out more.

    Nauman is undertaking research in following project areas:

    • Knowledge of consumer trends, consumer behaviours and experience on the essential components of a business model and marketing strategy to deliver a wider customer base (Ashbourne Community Transport)
    • Implementation of ISO 9001:2000 in RTI – textile resource company.
    • Strategic marketing and policy design of consumer goods
    • Process reengineering of textile processing unit

    Prospective research areas include:

    • Strategy
    • Marketing
    • Operations
  4. Recent publications

    Follow the link below to find out more about Nauman's published works.

    ‘‘MARKETING INTELLIGENCE’’ Study Guide (Published September 2011) (Written for Institute of Administrative Management – Study Guide for Level 4 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management).

    Quality an Effective Critical Success Factor for Manufacturing SMEs in Developing Economy (Presented: 3 July 2015: MBAcademy International Business Conference – Best Paper)

    E-Mail Overload and Instant Messaging: With Different Investigative Dimensions (June, 2018: Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF)

  5. Work in progress

    Nauman is working on an article: SMEs and Digital Marketing: Competitive Advantage Mechanism in Developing Economy; and current research: Risks of Technology – Case of Telecommunication sector.
  6. Awards

    Nauman has received the Dean's Merit Award (MBA) and a Distinction (ADAM - M3)