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Patsy  Morgan

Patsy Morgan MSc, FHEA, FIH, FCRS

Senior Lecturer

School of Business, Law and Communications

023 8201 3712 ext. 3712 Room no. SMY04


This coming academic year sees the beginning of Patsy's 17th year in higher education, where her focus is on continued development of cruise tourism, international tourism, and hospitality at all levels.

Research and continued advanced scholarship is ongoing with a strong development with hospitality and cruise studies through lectures, seminars and workshops with students at all levels, as well as undertaking external lectures, presenting at conferences and networking with major cruise lines and organisations that represent cruise, tourism and hospitality.

Patsy's other areas of interest include the superyacht industry, in particular interior training and development.

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Patsy has spent over 20 years working in the hospitality industry in hotels, licensed trade, restaurants and hospitals. Responsibilities have included marketing and developing food and beverage sales, accommodation, conferences, and training and staff development.
    Patsy's key strengths lie in having the drive to motivate staff to reach the outcomes of the organisational strategies within the deadlines given. Her entrepreneurial skills have enabled expansion through sales of hospitality events and, at the same time, maintain high standards throughout.
  2. Teaching experience

    Patsy has previously spent 11 years in tertiary education where she taught subjects such as catering studies, skills, and home economics, as well as practical teaching as a chef lecturer and restaurant trainer. She has taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level, including hotel operations and management, hospitality management, sports marketing, customer service, marketing and sales, and master's teaching delivering topics on cruise and hospitality.
    Patsy has also been a guest lecturer at Dubrovnik University at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  3. Recent publications

    Follow the link below for a list of Patsy's most recent publications.
    • Morgan, P. et al., 2018. ‘Now I get it! Visually Understanding Theoretical Concepts of Work Placements!’. SLTC Southampton Learning and Teaching Conference. Solent University
    • Morgan, P. (2015). The Cruise Experience Phenomena: Understanding the Way Experiences Impact a Cruise Vacation for Those Who Have Weight Issues. InShirran, M., Shirran M., & Graham, F. (2015). Cruise Yourself Slim: How Cruisers Can Return Home No Fatter Than When They Left and Still Have Fun [online]
    • Morgan, P., & Edwards, C. (2011). Influences of Celebrity Chefs on Cruise Fine Dining Experiences in Gibson, P., Papathanassis, A., & Milde, P. Editors (2011). Cruise Sector Challenges, Making progress in an Uncertain World. Wiesbaden. Gaber.
    • Morgan, P. & Power, L. (2010) Cruise Tourism and the Cruise Industry In  Robinson, P., Heitmann, S., & Dieke, P. U. C. Research Themes for Tourism. Oxfordshire. CABI.
    • Morgan, P. (2009). FAT Cruise Tourism: the Shifting Tide of Experiences inPapathanassis, A. Editor. (2009). Cruise Sector Growth Managing Emerging Markets, Human Resources, Processes and Systems. Wiesbaden. Gabel.
  4. Research interests

    Patsy's research interests lie in cruise, hospitality and hotel management.