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Russell  Richards

Russell Richards

Senior Lecturer

School of Media Arts and Technology

023 8201 2058 ext. 2058 Room no. SMY05


Russell is an academic practitioner. He has written on website design, digital aesthetics, and the concept of interactivity, for example: 'Users, Interactivity and Generation', New Media and Society Journal 8(4), pp. 531 - 550.

He is a member of the KikiT VisuoSonic Research Group with Sarah Hand MA and Professor Maurice Owen investigating new ways to inter-connect sound, visuals, photography and interactivity in performance/installation/print.

KikiT VisuoSonic has created works at a large number of venues across the world including:

  • The Anthony Minghella Theatre, Newport, Isle of Wight.
  • 'Interactive Futures', Victoria, Canada.
  • The London Jazz Festival, The Arts Depot, Finchley, London.
  • The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, UAE, Norwich.
  • The Salvem El Cabanyal Festival, Valencia, Spain.
  • 'The 11th Tapestry' for the London Design Festival, Victoria and Albert Museum.

Russell’s solo practical work includes:

  • 'DiskO', a generative music creation installation.
  • 'Covertor', a digital art generation application.
  • 'Nebula', a cosmic gas cloud generator.
  • 'Meshwork', a sound-derived linear animation.
  • 'AI_AT' a self-running music generator.

Russell is a practicing musician specialising in electric bass and Korg and Moog programming. He has recently re-released a post-punk EP from the early 1980’s entitled 'Strike Now – There is no cover' on ever/never records, New York:

He is also a member of ThrobTheorists, an experimental “prog-punk” band together with Jules Wolfreys. They have produced six LPs over the last two years including mapping a 30 track album based on 30 places on the Isle of Wight: .

Russell is presently researching (nearing competition) a PhD in responsive environments at Solent University. Working title: 'Responsive Environments and Protagonism'.  

Russell is a member of BAFTA, Rhizome and 

He is a member of the editorial panel for the Hidrazone Digital Arts Hub with Julian Konczak. Visit Russell's pages on the University's CREADM (Centre for Research and Enterprise in Art, Design and Media) website.

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Russell has four years working in DIY music production, one year working in community arts, six months working in the AV industry...
    Four years working in DIY music production. One year working in community arts. Six months working in the AV industry. Two years experience work in web platform and online collaboration development. Various consultancy roles re. multimedia and social media development.
  2. Research interests

    Russell's research interests include: interactive audio-visuals, responsive environments, interactivity, protagonism, social media, web platform development, online collaboration systems, experimental films, short films (He is a member of the Short Film Chapter at BAFTA).
  3. Recent publications

    Russell's recent publications include academic journal articles and conference papers. For more information, follow the link below...

    RICHARDS, R. 2013. 'Strata-Caster – A virtual environment', Review for Ubiquity Journal, 1 (2), pp. 298-300.

    RICHARDS, R. 2012. 'Nebula'. In M. Bolt and S. Case, eds. 'Engaging the Heavens: Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena' V. Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, Chicago, Illinois, USA, pp. 43-48. ISBN 978-1-58381-818-3.

    VOKURKA, E., RICHARDS, R. & HUMPREYS, P. 2012 'CROFT: CADIC Online Framework and Toolset for Intellectual Capital Management in SME Clusters' In by A. Respício, F. Burstein, eds. 'Fusing Decision Support Systems Into the Fabric of the Context', Amsterdam: ISO Press pp. 3-14. 

  4. Work in progress

    Russell is undertaking PhD research into responsive environments and protagonism, as well as production work on the seventh ThrobTheorists LP. and further production work on a second EP re-release 'Tapeonego'.