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Viara Breakwell

Viara Breakwell

Course Leader

School of Business, Law and Communications

023 8201 3252 ext. 3252 Room no. SMY04


Viara is a lecturer in marketing at Solent University. She also completed her MA Marketing Management at the University with an award from Lawton’s Communication for best master's student.

Viara is a qualified teacher, obtaining her bachelor degree with distinction in pedagogy and English. Before coming to Solent, she began her academic career in primary education and also worked in marketing in one of the largest companies in Bulgaria.

When not teaching, Viara leads the Solent Marketing Network, managing a variety of internal and external events targeting employers, students and staff, and undertakes market research in the field of higher and further education. She is keen on developing strong links with employers, engaging them in an innovative way in order to enhance the student experience and employability.

In her free time, Viara is a keen swimmer and cyclist and enjoys travelling, appreciating different cultures and customs.

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