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Captain Tushar Potey

Captain Tushar Potey

Senior Lecturer

Warsash Maritime School


Throughout his career, Tushar has established a reputation as a transformational leader who is driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to furthering standards of excellence. His expertise encompasses all aspects of inspections, operations, legal oversight, and quality administration, from controlling costs and maximizing resources to harnessing team strengths to improve companywide performance.

Tushar has over 27 years' maritime industry experience with a unique combination to offer. He is a seasoned master mariner with an LLM in maritime law, education and experience in operations management and is presently pursuing education in chartering. The consistency to operate at the optimum level was recognised by Tushar receiving the Best Master Award 2008 from Spar Shipping 'AS' Norway along with Fleet Management Ltd., Hong Kong and Best Ship of the Year award 2014 during his command. In his career in education, Tushar was promoted within one year to course coordinator after joining the University of Trinidad & Tobago. He applies a unique combination of skills to achieve positive outcomes when managing the challenges of this role.

Tushar was awarded a qualification in university teaching from Ontario University and has experience in teaching bachelor's, master's and officer of watch students. He has also designed new courses and effectively delivered them (the ship surveying course he designed was graded as the most liked course by students and the most industry efficient course in June 2019).

Tushar is also experienced in ship surveying, ship inspections, PSC inspections and audits, and has a good understanding of international legislation relevant to shipping. As a superintendent, he was involved in accident investigations, cargo damage and preparing ships for PSC inspections. He also leading a team in global claims for CMA CGM.

In project management roles, Tushar has identified mission-critical functions with detailed design and planning to close gaps in the processes affecting cargo, maintenance, safety, performance, and regulatory compliance.

Further information

Industry experience

Tushar sailed for 20 years on a number of types of vessel and in various ranks - the last seven of which were in command of vessels. He spent five years working on ship inspections, accident investigations and handling all types of claims and insurance.

Teaching experience

Tushar has been teaching bachelor's and officer of the watch students for the past two and a half years.

Research interests

Tushar's research interests lie in the areas of ship simulation.


  • Master (Unlimited) Certificate of Competency.
  • LLM International Maritime Law.
  • Professional operational management.
  • Best Master awards 2007.