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Daniel Connolly

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Sport, Health and Social Sciences


Daniel completed his DPhil, titled ‘Theory of Mind and Executive Control in 2- to 3-year-old children’ in 2000 in the department of experimental psychology at the University of Sussex. His first post-doctoral position was as a researcher in the School of Cognitive Sciences, University of Sussex, investigating young children’s interactions with educational technology. 

He then became a qualified teacher in further education, before resuming a research career at the Institute of Education, University of London, investigating the effects of classroom acoustics on teaching and learning in secondary schools.

Taught courses

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Research interests

  • Young children’s interactions with technology.
  • Teachers’ and learners’ perceptions of the their learning environment.
  • The effects of adverse acoustics on teaching and learning, with a special interest in the effects of poor school acoustics on learners with hearing impairment and/or receiving learning support.

Recent publications

Connolly, D.M., Dockrell, J.E., Shield, B.M., Conetta, R. & Cox, T.J., (2013). 'Adolescents perceptions of their school’s acoustic environment: The development of an evidence based questionnaire'. Noise and Health, 15, 65, 269-280.

Shield, B.M., Conetta, R., Dockrell, J.E., Connolly, D.M., Cox, T.J., & Mydlarz, C., (2013) (under review). 'A survey of acoustic conditions and noise levels in secondary school classrooms'. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

Connolly, D.M., Dockrell, J.E., Shield, B.M., Conetta, R., Mydlarz, C, & Cox, T.J., (2013). 'The effects of unfavourable classroom noise levels on reading comprehension and word learning from text in adolescent learners' (in preparation for Journal of the Acoustical Society of America).