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Jackie Campbell

Jackie Campbell BSc, CPA (USA), FHEA, PGCE PCET, CELT


Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies


As a USA Certified Public Accountant, Jackie has had an exciting and varied career in both industry and education.

Jackie has worked on both sides of the ocean for KPMG Peat Marwick in Washington, DC and Spicer & Oppenheim (London) before moving into International Banking as an Assistant Financial Controller, Higher Education as a teaching fellow and Further Education (Boarding School) as Head of Economics.

Jackie has a breadth of experience in both practice and industry, undertaking many varied special projects including reviewing US government procurement procedures and compliance in five major US cities, special audits and reviews and has been in charge of financial and regulatory reporting in international banking.

In practice, Jackie specialised in Banking, Insurance and Stock Broking early in her auditing career, conducting both audits and special reviews for some of the top banks and insurance companies in the USA and London. These included loan portfolio exposures, mortgage broking deed and compliance reviews, takeover and insolvency audits, claims and reinsurance and investment systems controls reviews as well as a review of the UK Banking, Corporate Finance and Treasury Divisions of Kleinwort Benson Ltd in both the UK and North America.

Her clients have included Kleinwort Benson, Ltd, Cazenove & Co, Barclays De Zoete Wedd, Manchester Exchange and Investment Bank, Allied Dunbar Mortgages, Aetna Life Insurance Co. UK, Providence Capital Corp, AVEMCO Insurance Co. and both Dominion Federal and Citicorp Savings and Loan.

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