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Dr Jessie Qun Ren PhD, MA, FHEA, AMBCS

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies


After gaining her PhD from the Business School, Bournemouth University in 2011, Jessie joined Solent University as a senior lecturer in marketing.

Her research interests focus on how technology impacts on digital companies’ business models (such as business ecosystems and emerging industrial dynamics for the 3D printing Industry), as well as marketing communications and social networking.

Jessie is a member of the editor board for the Journal of Organisational Studies and Innovation (JOSI), an international open-access double-blind peer-reviewed journal, published quarterly online version as well as in hard copy.

She was also invited to be the conference chair for MB Academy International Business Conference (held in London, July 3-5th, 2015).

Jessie undertakes an external examiner role for the International Foundational Programme, University of Reading.

Taught courses

Further information

Industry experience

Dr Ren has extensive experience of work within the financial industry. This section contains more information about Dr Ren's work history and any advantageous industry links she maintains.

May 2005 to December 2005

Dr Ren worked as a financial advisor for Sylkes Consulting Ltd based in Southampton. Her responsibilities included providing support to the financial planning consultant, advising clients on financial planning products from a specific product provider, or a specific selection of product providers (eg, Scottish Widows, Standard Life, Prudential, Norwich Union, Legal and General); helping clients make the most of money and investments and give advice on trusts, individual retirement, mortgages, savings and pensions.

Recent publications

Publications can include articles in academic journals; book chapters or full books; creative projects; conference participation and multimedia works.

Peer reviewed journal papers published

  • Rong, K., and Ren, Q., and Shi, X., 2018. The Determinants of Network Effects: Evidence from Online Games Business Ecosystems. Technological Forecasting & Social Change. ABS 3* Journal, Available online 18 May 2018:
  • Ren, Q., Rong, K.., and Lu, C., Liu, G and M, Ross.,2018. Value-informed Pricing Strategy: Evidence from Chinese Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. International Journal of Market Research (ABS, 2* Journal) Available online 03 Oct 2018:
  • Ren, Q., and Ross, M., and Yu, S., 2018. A Multidimensional Ecosystem for the 3D Printing Industry and its Potential Effects. Journal of Organisational Studies and Innovation. Volume 5, Issue 4.
  • Tsang, D., and Ren, Q., 2015. 'Viral Marketing and the New Competitive Advantage'. Journal of Organisational Studies and Innovation. page, 41-54,2(1) Winter.
  • Ren, Q., and Hardwick, P., 2009. 'Analysis of strategic alliance management – lessons from the failure of Korean and Japanese licensed games in China.' International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management, 2(1), 1-14. Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.
  • Ren, Q., and Hardwick, P., 2009. 'Analysis of the talent exodus in the Chinese online game labour market,' International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management, 2 (2), 179-190. Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.

Peer reviewed journal paper under revision or review

  • Xu, F., Ren. Q., and Ji, X., 2018. Data mining and Online Customer Reviews in Disneyland California. Journal of Interactive Marketing (ABS, 3*, Status: Submitted, under review)

Conference papers published

  • Yu S; Ren,Q; Li,Y; Zhao,M; 2016. Exploring the Essence of A Multidimensional Ecosystem for 3D Printing industry - Evidence from Technology and Social Innovation. In: BCS 21st annual Quality SG’s INSPIRE 2016 conference Education Quality Matters: Trends and Challenges (ISBN 978-0-99889-3-7), 2016, 21-22 March, Bournemouth University:
  • Rong K; Wang, Z; Hu,W, Ren,Q, Yang, X, 2016. Network Effects of Online Platform Ecosystem: Evidence from 3D Printing Service Platform. In: European Academy of Management Conference (EURAM Conference), 2016, June 1-4th, Paris, France.
  • Liu, C.-Y. G., Ren, Q. and Hardwick, P., 2012. 'Integrated Pricing Framework for MMORPG Providers: A Study of the Chinese Online Game Industry'. In: Academy of Marketing Conference 2012, 2-5 July 2012, School of Management, Southampton University, UK.
  • Ren, J.Q., and Hardwick, P., 2008. 'Revenue Model Innovation in the Chinese Online Game Market', In: Artur, L, et al, ed. 12th International MindTrek Conference: Entertainment and Media in the Ubiquitous Era, Oct 2008 Tampere, Finland. New York: Association for Computing Machinery, 44-48.
  • Tsang, D., and Ren, Q., 2006. 'Chinese Management and the Growth of Indigenous Online Game Firms in China.' 'Modernization, Modernity and Media in China' Conference, June 15-16, University of Westminster, UK.
  • Ren, Q and Yang, X., 2004. 'Analysis of the Development of Chinese Online Game Industry,' Europrix Scholars Conference, Nov 11-12, Tampere, Finland, which is available online at:

Book chapter

  • Ren, Q., and Hardwick, P., 2010. 'Pricing model dynamics in the Chinese online game market', In: Regional Innovation Systems and Sustainable Development: Emerging Technologies. USA: IGI Global, 139-152.
  • Ren, Q., and Hardwick, P., 2010. 'Analysis of online game distribution in Internet Cafés in China,'In: Electronic globalized business and sustainable development through management. USA: IGI Global.

Research interests

Dr Ren's research interests focus on how technology impacts on digital companies’ business models, and marketing communications and social networking.

She worked as a PI with the financial support from the 12th round of Solent University Research and Enterprise Fund starting October 2014 and led the project which considers and investigates business ecosystems and emerging industrial dynamics for 3D printing Industry.

She is a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Organisational Studies and Innovation (JOSI), an international open-access double blind peer reviewed journal, published quarterly.


Teaching experience

Dr Ren has significant experience of teaching business and marketing at an undergraduate level.

July 2014 to Present

Dr Ren is currently a full-time senior lecturer in marketing at Solent in the School of Business, Law and Communications. Her teaching covers a variety of levels of marketing course and business course students, ranging from foundation level to master students.

September 2011 - July 2014

After gaining her PhD and before joining Solent University, Dr Ren worked at the Business School, University of West London as a part-time lecturer firstly and then as a full-time lecturer and course leader for foundation year in BA (Hons) Business Management and BA (Hons) Finance and Accounting. When working at UWL, she taught classes at all levels from foundation year to postgraduate students. The units she taught included consumer behaviour, principles of marketing, global business practice, and so on.

In addition, Dr Ren worked as a link tutor and on behalf of UWL, was in charge of supporting the collaborative partner institute (Cyprus Institute of Marketing) in its development of the marketing course, and was heavily involved in re-vamping the marketing curriculum in Cyprus, exam paper scrutiny and marking moderation. She regularly provided advice on the problems or issues that may emerge within the partnership and etc.

Jan 2006 - June 2006

Prior to starting her full-time PhD study in January 2007, she was appointed as a part-time lecturer in strategic management in the University of Reading in 2006.


  • HEA fellowship, The Higher Education Academy, May 2015.
  • CIM member, The Chartered Institute of Marketing, December 2014.
  • PhD in digital marketing, Business School, Bournemouth University, March 2011.
  • MA in International Business Finance, Business School, Bournemouth University, April 2005.
  • BA (Hons) English Education, Suzhou University of Science and Tech, China, June 1993.