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Kishore Verma MA


Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies


Kishore originally studied acting and theatre in education in London in the late eighties. In the early 1990s he worked in Spain as an English teacher, theatre producer and director. In the mid 1990s Kishore moved to Poland, working for a while as radio presenter, and establishing the Cacho Perro theatre company in Lodz, where he directed Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Pre-Paradise Sorry Now. In 1997 Kishore was invited by the Polish Film School to direct animation sequences in a short experimental film Death in the Labyrinth. This went on to win the prize for Best Experimental Film at the Krakow Film Festival.

Kishore returned to England and studied an MA in Film Directing at the Northern Media School, Sheffield Hallam University. Since then, he has directed and edited short films, a medium feature and a number of experimental narrative films, culminating in Enfant Terrible (2005) which was selected for competition at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival and which won a Special Mention Jury Prize at Barcelona, and La Realisation Integrale award at Paris.

As a result of his research interests, Kishore is particularly concerned with exploring film as an experimental medium outside the traditional structures of commercial practice and has led workshops on filmmaking for the British Council in Romania, Bulgaria and Syria, Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión San Antonio de los Baños, Havana (Cuban Film School).

Filmmakers of interest are Hollis Frampton, Ernie Gehr, Michael Angelo Antonioni, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Elio Petri, Rainer Werner Fassbinder Werner Herzog, Roman Polanski, Sam Peckinpah, Sidney Lumet and others. Playwrights: Fernando Arrabal, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Samuel Beckett, Bertolt Brecht, Harold Pinter, Frank Wedekind, Alexander Ostrovsky.


Further information

Industry experience

Kishore has experience working in directing and editing and as various crew on short film productions. He also has experience of film finance and has worked within the camera department of Arri Media. He is a member of the Guild of British Film Editors.

Teaching experience

Kishore has taught a number of film production and filmmaking modules and workshops in higher education and for the British Council.

Department of Media Arts, Royal Holloway, University of London
At Royal Holloway, Kishore designed and taught a second- and third- year undergraduate course, Moving Pictures. He also taught on the MA in Producing at Royal Holloway alongside, Susanna Capon, Tony Garnett and Barry Hanson. Moving Pictures was a very popular course with the students, providing them with filmmaking skills in the areas of screenwriting, directing, cinematography and editing

British Council
Kishore has led a number of filmmaking workshops for the British Council in Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, and Egypt. The British Council project was to adapt to the visual storytelling needs of different cultures and help fledgling filmmakers tell their stories rather than impose a specific UK/ US framework. He of course also promoted UK cultural interests. Most of these workshops are very short in duration, anywhere from a weekend to a week and the filmmaking workshop leader is expected to deliver fundamental concepts, craft and technique with an outcome, usually a short film that provides a sense of confidence to the participants to consider this field as their future.

Solent University
At Solent University Kishore has taught a variety of modules/units in film production at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Student evaluation of the units taught have been very good with the MA Film Production receiving a 100% satisfaction from students.

Research interests

Kishore's research interests bridge technical and formal innovation, especially with regard to visual story-craft, picture composition, spatial relationships and dynamics within the frame. Narrative science and alternating narrative modes in transmedia entertainment are future areas of research interest.

Another area of interest is in directing actors/performers/non-actors which ties in with experimental approach to filmmaking. The approach to performance is anti-Stanislavsky, following the principles and methodology of Meyerhold (biomechanics), Butoh (expressionist Japanese dance theatre) and Theatre of Panic and Cruelty.



Short film: Enfant Terrible

Palm Springs International Film Festival US: Shortlisted for competition.

Programmer’s Picks for closing night.

Festival de Cine Internacional de Barcelona/Annual Program Without Frontiers - Award: Mención Especial otorgada por el Jurado.

Festival Du Cinema De Paris/Annual Program Without Frontiers - Award: La Réalisation Intégrale.


Short film: The Last Breath - Short Script- Satire on the tobacco industry.

Nominated Best Short Script by ITV.


Short film: Wild Horses - Award: Winner Fuji Film Competition.

Director of Animation

Short film: Death in the Labyrinth - Short experimental film - Award: Best Experimental Film, Krakow Film Festival Poland.

Work in progress

Kishore is currently working on various feature-length script projects and finance of short film projects.