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Lindsay Welch

Lindsay Welch RNA, MA Ad Dip

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Sport, Health and Social Sciences


Lindsay has recently been appointed as one of the new senior lecturers to Solent University. She previously held an academic and clinical post as both the clinical lead of long term conditions within Solent NHS Trust and a doctoral researcher in the Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences, School of Health Science at the University of Southampton.

Lindsay has worked as a respiratory nurse for 18 years across primary care, acute care, research delivery, community nursing and pulmonary rehabilitation. Her current interests lie in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - she is privileged to have led the integrated COPD service for four years. As team lead for the integrated COPD service, she was responsible the clinical and operational strategy and the direction and education of the specialist multi-disciplinary team working within the service.

Overall, her clinical experience spans primary care, research delivery, and acute care and specialist tertiary provider services, all within a respiratory nurse specialist role. She has worked clinically throughout the whole COPD patient pathway and therefore has an in-depth understanding of the barriers, challenges and complexities of COPD management. Moving into the clinical professional oversight role in long-term conditions allowed her to expand her thinking across all long-term conditions and ensure quality care is assured within all the LTC services in Solent NHS Trust.

During this time Lindsay has led a successful bid with the service to the Queens Nursing Institute to develop a sustainable Singing in COPD project, as well as funding to integrate the BLF into the clinical service.

Furthermore, Lindsay has developed, implemented and evaluated a clinical tool to work with low activated COPD patients (PAM level 1) within the COPD service.

Taught courses

Further information

Industry experience

Lindsay has worked across the NHS, most recently for five years at Solent NHS Community Trust, and before this at UHS acute trust in research delivery. Prior to this, she was employed in the private sector for research delivery and in practice nursing.

Teaching experience

Lindsay is developing an educational remit and has recently lectured to MRes students on consent and research governance, and to health sciences physiology students in community care for long-term conditions.

She has taught respiratory care and lung function testing in the past as this has been within her area of expertise. This included: interpreting and performing Spirometry, inhalers, and management of respiratory disease. She drafted a written interactive eLearning presentation, the content of the spirometry chapter and teaching via video. She prepared and presented a detailed presentation and also prepared case studies for group discussion.

Further to this, Lindsay has developed clinical update sessions for specialist nurses in practice, covering the mental capacity act, clinical audit, documentation and learning from deaths.

Lindsay has also developed learning sessions for the integrated COPD team - these included GOLD COPD guidelines updates, respiratory diagnosis, managing exacerbations and having difficult conversations. She used mixed methods to teach including guest consultant lecturers, mixed discussion groups, and role play.

Research interests

Lindsay is currently researching self-management in COPD and exploring if socially supported and peer group methods promote behaviour change in the population. Her broader academic interests include behaviour change interventions in long-term conditions and process evaluation in intervention implementation.

During her doctoral pathway, Lindsay has worked with quantitative data analysis and health economic evaluation of an interventional treatment. To complete this training she intends to develop a qualitative meta-synthesis to ensure a rounded research skill-set.

She collaborates locally and nationally with other academic research groups with aligned interests, including the MRC nutritional team nationally with Dr Carol Kelly at Edgehill University, developing the National Respiratory Nurse Research Agenda. Through this national work, Lindsay has contributed to a Delphi project highlighting research priorities for respiratory nursing. Furthermore, she is supporting MSc physiotherapy students to develop research in pulmonary rehabilitation and SOPD, with a particular emphasis on health literature.

Through the combination of active clinical research and specialist skills, Lindsay is keen to drive research thinking and clinical care towards the promotion of patient wellbeing in long-term conditions and begin to step away from reactive COPD care towards early preventative health strategies.

Recent publications

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In 2014, Lindsay was awarded an NIHR internship to enable her to spend time working with academics at the University of Southampton to understand the burden and complexity of disease in COPD, and further develop research skills.

A successful bid to the Queens Nursing institute ensured she was awarded £5000 innovation and leadership project funding for 'Improving Outcomes and well-being in COPD through Singing'. Project commenced January 2015.

In 2016, Lindsay was successful in being award a funding bid by the Wessex CLAHRC NIHR Wessex (CLAHRC funding of £26,000 and £10,000 Solent research funds) to develop and deliver an empirical study within the COPD service, which is the basis of the doctoral data set.

In 2018, as lead of the COPD service, the service was awarded funds from the BLF Collaborative project to develop the community and voluntary respiratory groups in the city.

Work in progress

Under publication review: Bloom, I and Welch, L ** Vassilev, I Rogers, A Jameson, K Cooper, C Robinson, S. Baird, J. Findings from an exploration of a social network intervention to promote diet quality and health behaviours in older adults with COPD: a feasibility study. BMC Pilot and feasibility studies. Submitted August 2019.

Intended for submission: Welch,L.1,2Orlando,R.2,3Lin,X.2,3Jones, J2. Vassilev, I.I.2,3 Rogers, A. E.2,3 Findings from a pilot randomised trial of a social network self-management intervention in COPD. Reviewed – awaiting resubmission to BMC.

Currently in analysis phase: A qualitative meta-synthesis of the engagement and enactment of people with COPD in SMS.

Draft for funding submission: A Training Needs Analysis of Research Knowledge and Skills in UK Respiratory Nurses. Proposal for funding submission. Submission planned for Oct 2019.