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Nickie Butt, Course Leader

Nickie Butt BSc (Hons) MPhil

Course Leader

Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies


Nickie spent most of her childhood living overseas and joined the merchant navy at 16, sailing with BP Tankers and qualifying as a navigation officer. After leaving the sea she lived overseas again, in Papua New Guinea and Oman, working in a variety of shore based shipping roles.

On returning to the UK she completed a BSc (Hons) Marine Geography. Since joining the teaching staff at Solent University in 2005, she has completed an MPhil which investigated the effectiveness of particularly sensitive sea areas as a protective measure for the marine environment from shipping.

Taught courses

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Research interests

Protection of the marine environment from the impact of shipping and sustainability of the shipping industry, encompassing vessel and port operations and their management. This entails straddling the wet and dry sides of the shipping world and accounting for the interests and views of the many stakeholders involved.

Nickie has undertaken research for a variety of organisations including the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO), WWF, OSPAR Commission and the Common Waddensea Secretariat.

Recent publications

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