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Philip Alassad BSc (Hons), PgCLTHE, FHEA


Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies


Philip first got into programming at the age of thirteen, where he taught himself to program in BASIC. He went on to learn PASCAL at college and also taught himself to program in C.

He has a first class honours degree in Computer Games (Software Development) and also has a postgraduate certificate in teaching in higher education, as well as a Fellowship with the Higher Education Academy.

He is currently studying for an MSc In Game Development (Software). He is a career academic, having taught programming in further education, before coming to Solent to teach - he has three years’ experience within the education sector. Philip specialises in graphics and console programming and mostly teaches those subjects, though he also teaches mobile games programming as well as programming with Unity 3D and Unreal Engine. He is currently writing a research paper on the difficulties some students have with submitting work on time, and is hoping to have this published by November 2019.

Philip regularly takes part in game jams in his spare time, including Global Game Jam and Portsmouth Game Jam. He also has a keen interest in sci-fi and fantasy, including novels and playing board/computer games.

Taught courses

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Research interests

Philip's research interests lie in advanced APIs, including DirectX and Vulkan, and using these for shader programming. He is also interested in finding ways to use Vulkan (and other low-level APIs) as a teaching tool. Philip is currently investigating why students sometimes struggle to submit on time and ways in which this can be solved. (ongoing)

Work in progress

Philip is currently writing his first paper on why students hand in late and possible solutions. This study is being conducted in class over several of his taught units and will be conducted over two to three years.