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Tammi Sinha

Dr Tammi Sinha PhD, BEng (Hons), PGCert TLHE, FHEA

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies


Tammi has spent over 20 years as a lean practitioner, academic and change agent, working across sectors and universities, taking a Communities of Practice, Communities of Inquiry and Place approach to build capability in change, innovation, sustainability and improvement. Her research interests include climate action through systems thinking, circular design, operations and supply chains.

Tammi joined Solent University in as a senior lecturer in project management. Prior to joining Solent, she was Senior Lecturer Operations and Project Management, Lean Consultant, Director for Centre for Climate Action and Sustainability Lead at University of Winchester from 2013-2020.

Tammi is involved with a number of sustainability programmes and projects:

  • Wessex Green Hub - working with businesses, community partners, Winchester City Council and local universities to promote circular design, circular supply networks and to reduce carbon footprints. Part of the DEAL (Doughnut Economics Action Lab) and the Transition Movement.
  • Harmony in Education - working with the Sustainable Food Trust and the Harmony Project to embed the principles of harmony within education.
  • Sustainability Community of Practice Convenor.
  • Improvement Community of Practice Convenor.
  • Chair of University of Winchester Committee for Sustainability and Social Justice.
  • Carbon literacy trainer and facilitator, in conjunction with the Carbon Literacy Trust.
  • LEGO(R) Serious Play trained facilitator.
  • Co-opted member of Lean in Higher Education European Chapter.

Further information

Industry experience

Harmony in Education: 2019 to date
Working with the Princes Foundation and Sustainable Food Trust to embed principles of harmony within education programmes, including principles of interdependence, health, adaption, oneness, the cycle and diversity.

Climate emergency and climate action: A manifesto for a healthy planet for all
Working with Wessex Global Health and Dr Joanne Nurse (visiting public health professor) to promote communities of practice to tackle climate change, and promote education for sustainable development.

Learn – Engage – Play 1.0 and 2.0
A social enterprise to develop practices with ‘play with purpose’ using LEGO® Serious Play® type methodologies to engage with strategy development, team and individual development, and pedagogy.

Secondment to the Continuous Improvement Unit at the University of Winchester 2016 – 2019
(0.4 secondment) successfully launched a lean ambassador’s network for colleagues and students. Over 100 trained to the Lean Competency System (LCS) Foundation and over 45 to LCS Practitioner. Multiple improvement projects launched across the University with tangible and intangible benefits achieved across all faculties and many professional services. Currently acting as a lean consultant for the Unit.

Lean Six Sigma Course for the Public Sector with Hampshire County Council (2016 - 2019)
Developed and delivered in partnership with Hampshire County Councils’ Transformation Team and the University of Winchester Business School, Lean Six Sigma for the public sector course - practitioner level. Contributed to the course development, to training days and to the setting up of HCC Transformation Community of Practice.

Co-founder, Convenor and Host for Improvement Community of Practice (2008 – to date)
The Improvement CoP brings together many sectors (public, private, HEI) to share experiences and develop tools for high performance, transformation and continuous improvement.

Production Cell Leader and Training Team Leader at Ocular Sciences Ltd (2000 - 2002)
Responsible for development, management and manufacturing output of a cellular manufacturing unit and manufacturing training team. Implemented lean within the production area. Team of 120 operators. Carried our lean research with Cardiff Business School's ‘Learn to’ Programme.

Research Fellow in Operations Management at University of Plymouth
Manufacturing and Business Systems Research Group in the School of Computing (1998 - 2000). EPSRC Business process re-engineering project. Awarded an alpha 4.

Engineer at BAe Systems (1992 - 1998)
Roles in core engineering, logistics, quality management, training for integrated logistics support and logistics support analysis. Business improvement and total quality management.
EPSRC research student in partnership with BAe Systems and the University of Plymouth.
Integrated logistics support specialist.
BAe Systems
Quality improvement facilitator.

Teaching experience


  • Programme Leader, MSc Project Management [University of Winchester] 2015 – 2018. Successfully led revalidation in 2018.
  • External examiner for Bournemouth University Business and Management Programmes and project / Operations Management modules (from September 2018)
  • 2017 - 2019 Responsible Futures Steering Group
  • University of Winchester
  • 2016 Values Champion University of Winchester

Teaching and learning

University of Winchester Business School, October 2013 to January 2021

  • Senior Lecturer, Project and Operations Management [University of Winchester]
  • Module Leader for the following: L7 Approaches to Project and Programme Management, L7 Visual Management for Projects, L7 Governance in Projects and Programme, L7 Principles of Portfolio, Programme and Project Management, L7 Research Methods in Business, L7 Project Life Cycle.
  • L6 Project Management,
  • L6 Innovation L6 Managing Change L5 Operations Management, L4 Introduction to Project Management, L4 Fundamentals of Project Management.
  • Contribute to: L7 Sustainable Innovation and Change

University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth Business School, February 2003 to October 2013

  • Principal Lecturer – Operations Management
  • Programme Leader MSc Leadership in Health and Wellbeing
  • L7 – MBA, Principles of Operations Management
  • L6 – Operations Strategy
  • L5 – Operations Management, Business Improvement & Creativity

Research interests

  • 2009 to date - Co convenor and founder of the Improvement Community of Practice with Nigel Ward.
  • 2019 - Chair and Convenor of Learn-Engage-Play, a one-day conference bringing together novices and experts in the Lego Serious Play method. LEP 2.0 is postponed to 2021, due to Covid-19.
  • 2018 to date - Sustainability Community of Practice Convenor at the University of Winchester.
  • Lean in Higher Education Steering Group Europe.


  • 2016-2019 - Secondment 0.4 Academic Project Manager and lean Consultant, Continuous Improvement Unit (University of Winchester).
  • 2018 - Women into Digital Enterprise Programme, lecturer and mentor.
  • 2018 - Development of Lean diagnostic tool for Centre for Innovation and Enterprise through HEIF
  • 2017 - Project leader, lean foundation and lean practitioner accreditation with LCS (lean competency system) (University of Winchester) Funding: SMT
  • 2015-2017 - Various, Lean in Higher Education [University of Winchester] Funding: RKE time

Recent publications

Journal articles and published reports

  1. Farquharson L, Sinha T, Clarke S (2018) “Researching Organisational Change in Higher Education: A Holistic Tripartite Approach” The Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods, Volume 16 Issue 3 pp 150 – 161
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  5. Greswell T (2007) ‘A typology of creative tools and techniques for Operations Managers’ The Systemist.

Book chapters

  1. Sinha T (2020) Chapter 8 Designing strategic and transformative tourism education programs and education strategies. In Overtourism and Education: A Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Futures Editors Hugues.Seraphin and Anca Wallop (awaiting publication)
  2. Sinha T (2020) Chapter 15 Humanising Higher Education through Sustainable Development Education in Devis-Rozental C & Clarke S Editors (awaiting publication)
  3. Sinha T & Lorrain C (2019) Inspiring Sustainable Higher Education and Lean through a lean ambassador’s network.
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  5. Sinha T, Pastellas S (2015) Public service operations management in Chapter 6 service systems design and implementation 94-114 Radnor Z and Esain A (editors) London and New York Routledge

Conference papers

  1. Sinha, T., Ward, N. & Welch, C (2018) The voluntary cooperation of academics as an example of the peer learning activity and its role in human resources development in a university. The organisational improvement of the university of the future.
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Work in progress

  • Green Wessex Hub – in progress, exploring carbon footprint and circular supply chains in the Wessex region.
  • Harmony Project for Schools in collaboration with the sustainable food trust.
  • Whole Earth Festival in collaboration with Mark Edwards (Hard Rain).
  • Student fellow projects with Dr Charmaine martin exploring student perceptions of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Student Consultancy project addressing students engagement with opportunities including climate action.
  • Tree of Life project – umbrella programme for student engagement work for Climate Action.
  • Previously Director Centre for Climate Action (Education and Communication) at the University of Winchester (2017-2020).
  • Carbon Literacy Training, Trust and Projects.


In 2019, Tammi was awarded the Sustainability in Education Award from the University of Winchester. She was also awarded Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.