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Wendy McCracken

Wendy McCracken RGN, RM, BA (Hons) Ed, PGCE

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Sport, Health and Social Sciences


As a Registered General Nurse and Registered Midwife, I have significant experience in delivering both nursing and midwifery programmes at other Further and Higher Education Institutes. In addition, I have delivered and supported clinical education in various UK and international hospitals.

I am also a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator and have combined all these roles into an international career spanning several of the Middle East countries including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar. My experience includes commissioning new hospitals and establishing clinical services where I worked clinically whilst leading teams to deliver safe, high quality care.

More recently I was a member of the of the Education and Simulation Faculty Team at the Nightingale Hospital in London where we prepared over 2500 people from both clinical and other diverse backgrounds to support the healthcare environment as part of the Covid-19 response.

I am passionate about education and supporting students, so they have the best possible experience to fulfil their potential and realise their goals.

I have a particular interest in Simulation as a way of identifying and establishing effective communication within teams in the health care environment. Identifying Human Factors as markers in patient safety events is an essential component when reviewing patient safety events – all linked closely to utilising immersive simulation as a modality of education to build cohesive teams with positive leadership.


Further information

Industry experience

Medical Nursing – Endocrinology and Elderly Care – Recent NMC Return to Nursing Practice Program to enhance clinical skills supported by evidence-based practice and knowledge.

All aspects of midwifery care but with a particular interest in high risk midwifery.

Quality and Patient Safety Manager for Women’s Services which included the review of patient safety, and sentinel events within the Datix System. Identification of practice and/or gaps and human factor issues that may have been contributory in the patient safety event.

Simulation and education faculty at Nightingale Hospital London for a diverse range of non-healthcare and healthcare practitioners to support the Covid-19 pandemic initial response.

Teaching experience

Support of various levels of health care practitioners including nurses, midwives, doctors and allied health practitioners in clinical environments.

Course Lead for 18 month programme in BSc Midwifery.

Establishing and working within the Nursing Education department of a new international hospital with experience in recruitment of international workforce, and design of curriculum to assist with the standardisation of clinical practice.

Lead simulation Specialist that was involved in the commissioning of a State of the Art Simulation Centre used by medical, nursing and clinical staff for pre and post registration education.

Led on the use of simulation as a tool to highlight system and process gaps for the opening of a new outpatient department. Co-ordinated, volunteer patients, moulage, appropriate manikin use, moulage application and co-ordination of event, as well as facilitated and correlated information from the daily debrief sessions.

Research interests

Human factors management and effective communication methods in the formation of cohesive, effective teams with positive, inclusive leadership, particularly in the emergency situation but also in the day to day clinical environment.


2020 finalist in the Nursing Times Awards –

  • Team of the Year
  • ICU Team of the Year

Work in progress

Currently involved as a chapter author for a new text book aimed primarily at Nursing Associates

MA Education with interest in Management and Leadership.