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Portrait of Faize Eryaman

Dr Faize Eryaman



Faize studied BA Psychological Counselling at the Near East University, followed by an MSc in Child Development at the University of Stirling. She pursued her academic journey with a PhD in Psychology at the University of Stirling. Her PhD thesis focused on testing the stability of adult attachment in romantic relationships from an evolutionary perspective.

Before joining Solent University as a Psychology Lecturer, Faize worked as a teaching assistant and contributed to the delivery of various undergraduate modules. Faize is also an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

Further information

Faize is interested in adult attachment theory and stability of partner attachment security in romantic relationships. Her recent interest centres on investigating the influence of romantic relationship experiences on partner attachment security, as well as the influence of individuals’ attachment styles on romantic relationships. She is also interested in using evolutionary approaches such as mate value, operational sex ratio to test the stability of partner attachment security.

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