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Dr Hannah Rickman, Technician Instructor

Dr Hannah Rickman
MSci, MRes, PhD

Technician Instructor


After obtaining an MSci degree in Chemistry from the University of Birmingham, Hannah joined the Centre for Doctoral Training in Medical Imaging, where she gained an MRes degree from King’s College London and a PhD from Imperial College London. During her PhD, Hannah developed a range of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) contrast agents, including a gadolinium-labelled peptide that targets atherosclerotic blood vessels.

Alongside her PhD, Hannah was a junior teaching fellow and public engagement officer. She also supported outreach programs, including ‘Spectroscopy in a Suitcase’. This involved taking miniature pieces of spectroscopic equipment to sixth form colleges across London and delivering workshops designed to help the students with their A-Level Chemistry studies.

Hannah joined Solent University in March 2021. As a technician instructor, Hannah supports the teaching and research in the biomedical science and nutrition laboratories.

Further information

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