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Dr Pavlos Arvanitis

Dissertation Supervisor

Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies

Pavlos Arvanitis


Recent publications

  • Arvanitis. P., Papatheodorou, A. (2015) Greek airports in transition: From public ownership to PPP concessions airport management VOL. 9, NO. 3, 284–295.
  • T. Koo, N. Halpern, A. Papatheodorou, A. Graham, P. Arvanitis (in press) Air transport liberalisation and airport dependency: developing a composite index. Journal of Transport Geography (2015) doi:10.1016/j.jtrangeo.2015.04.006
  • Papatheodorou, A. and Arvanitis, P. (2014) Tourism and economic crisis in Greece: an economic geography approach, Region et Developpement, N. 39.
  • Papatheodorou, A. and Arvanitis, P. (2009) Spatial evolution of airport traffic and air transport liberalisation: the case of Greece. Journal of Transport Geography,(17) 402-412, Elsevier.
  • Arvanitis, P. and Mylonakis, J. (2006) Air Transport Deregulation Policies in the United States and the European Union, Ethics & Critical Thinking Journal.
  • Arvanitis, P. and Mylonakis, J. (2006) Review of Air Transport Market and Deregulation Policies in Greece: Lessons from the Future, Ethics & Critical Thinking Journal.

Book chapters

  • Arvanitis, P., Papatheodorou, A. Thessaly ‘s region tourism identity through the improvement of N. Aghialos airport usein Defner, Α., Karachalis, Ν. (2012) Place Marketing and Branding. International Experience and Greek Reality, Volos, University of Thessaly Publications.
  • Arvanitis, P., Zenelis, P. Aviation and Tourism in Africa, in Graham, A., Papatheodorou, A. and Forsyth, P. (eds) (2008) Aviation and Tourism: Implications for Leisure Travel, Aldershot: Ashgate.
  • Monitoring Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean (2007) Mediterranean Observatory for Sustainable Tourism.
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Air Transport Management


  • 2014 - PhD Evolutionary traffic patterns of Greek airports; an economic geography of tourism approach, University of the Aegean, Greece.
  • 2008 - Member, World Air Transport Research Society.
  • 2007 - Founding member, International Association of Tourism Economists, Mallorca, Spain.
  • 2004 - Founding member, Hellenic Aviation Society, Athens, Greece.
  • 2000 - MSc Tourism Management and Planning, Bournemouth University, UK.
  • 1999 - Degree in Tourism Business Administration, TEI of Larissa, Greece