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Amazon travel voucher

Prospective students who attend an open day at Solent University and live outside of the local authority of Southampton City Council, or have travelled from outside of the UK, are able to apply to receive an Amazon voucher covering the cost of their travel to the event.

You will be sent a link to make an application in our pre-event emails, so please keep an eye on your inbox!

Please contact us by emailing if you have any queries. We look forward to seeing you on the day!

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About the voucher offer

Solent University is offering students up to £50 in Amazon vouchers to cover the cost of their travel to our open days. This offer is only valid for students who have pre-booked one of our open days. Vouchers are paid back in denominations of £10, eg, travel cost of £34 students will receive £40 of vouchers.

Who is eligible?

For all students who pre-book our open days. Students must live outside of the local authority of Southampton City Council or have travelled from outside of the UK. The offer is only valid for the student’s travel cost and not for any accompanying guests.

How do I get this?

Students will be required to complete a travel voucher claim form, indicating their claimed for amount and including a copy of their receipt for travel costs (must be a full VAT itemised receipt, not card receipt etc) including the date of travel to the open day or one calendar day before or after this date.

For petrol claims, please see full details below. The claim form, and all relevant receipts, must be sent and received by Solent University on, or before, the stated deadline on the travel voucher claim form.

Travel costs covered are as follows:

  • Petrol/mileage*
  • Train
  • Ferry
  • Coach/bus
  • Plane

We are not able to process any claims for accommodation, parking or subsistence.

*We are currently unable to accept any claims for electric vehicles.

If a claim form is received by this deadline but the accompanying receipts are missing or incorrect, the University will contact the student via the email address provided on the claim form to request the missing documentation. If no response is received within 14 calendar days of the University contacting the student, the claim will be withdrawn, and a voucher will not be issued. If a student contacts the University outside of these 14 calendar days, it will be considered that the deadline has passed, and the voucher will not be issued.

Students will receive their Amazon vouchers via email to the email address stated on their claim form on, or before, the deadline stated on the travel voucher claim form. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the email address indicated on the claim form is accurate and that Solent University is noted as a safe sender to ensure the email is not received into a junk folder.

Terms and conditions

Attendance at our open days will be recorded by Solent University student ambassadors. This information will be used to register student attendance and eligibility to claim.

Vouchers will be issued up to the value of £50 only and the amount issued will be based on the cost of travel incurred by the student. If the cost of travel exceeds £50, the maximum amount of £50 only can be issued.

All students will receive an email from the University confirming receipt of their claim form and accompanying proof of travel costs incurred.

Vouchers will be issued in denominations of £10 as follows:

Travel cost Voucher amount 
£1 - £10.99 £10 
£11 - £20.99  £20 
£21 - £30.99  £30 
£31 - £40.99  £40 
£41 - £50  £50 
£51+  £50 

Travel must have been undertaken either the calendar day before or after the open day (for petrol claims, please see more information below) or the exact date of the open day. Only the student’s travel is redeemable under the conditions of this offer.

VAT receipts must be submitted for all claims made, clearly showing the amount paid and the date of travel. An accompanying voucher claim form must also be submitted, correctly completed. Any incorrect information may delay the issuing of vouchers, with students being advised of expected delays, where relevant, via email.

International/EU/EEA visitors must provide full VAT itemised receipts and proof of travel in English as provided by the company you travelled with. Any questions regarding this should be emailed to prior to claiming.

Petrol claims

Receipts for petrol purchased can be dated outside of the date before, date of, or date following the open day. VAT receipts must still be submitted with the travel claim form without exception. Please state number of miles travelled on the travel claim form. Please note that the maximum mileage a student is able to claim for is the distance between the University main campus and the student’s recorded home address. Mileage claims will be processed as 15p per mile. This is the redeemable amount, not necessarily the cost of petrol, eg, £55 petrol spend according to submitted receipt, 90 miles claimed at 15p/mile. Total cost of journey is £13.50, resulting in a £20 voucher claim for the student.

Solent University reserves the right to change the Amazon voucher offered without prior notice.

Solent University reserves the right to request the original receipts, if required, to validate any claims submitted.

Solent University reserves the right to terminate this offer without prior notice.

Submission of the travel voucher claim form by a student confirms that the student agrees to the terms and conditions of this offer.

South Western Railway travel offer

South Western Railway (SWR) is offering discounted rail fares for students travelling to a Solent University open day.

To book your discounted ticket, click here.

Terms and conditions

  • The Open Day South Western Trains (SWR) travel offer is only available for travel on SWR services.  If travelling from or within a region of the country that is not part of the SWR network you may need to purchase separate tickets to the chosen destination.
  • The destination is restricted to travel to Solent University campuses only.
  • Origin of journey must be within the SWR network.
  • To find available time click the desired discounted fare and this will highlight times that it is available.
  • All tickets are subject to availability.
  • Delay Repay, refunds, etc should be direct to SWR customer services and not Solent University.
    • Delay Repay can be found here.
    • Customer refunds affected by strikes can be found here.
    • Further questions about refunding or changing tickets can be found here.
  • The offer is unique to Solent University and cannot be used for destinations other than specified.
  • This offer can be withdrawn without notice.


I can't see an available fare
Either tickets, which are subject to availability, may have sold out, or if you are a regular user of SWR and its booking tool, you can clear your cookies and try again.

Who is the offer available to?
Anyone travelling with the student.

Can I use a railcard?
Only the 16-25 railcard is currently valid.

Can I change or refund my ticket?
The promotion tickets are based on the Advance Purchase fare and are subject to the same conditions. They can be changed for a £10 admin fee but cannot be cancelled - unless due to an incident that would mean you could not travel on the the requested times, eg, industrial action.

More information about Delay Repay refunds

Further questions about refunding and changing tickets


Please direct any enquiries about this offer to

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