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The Student Achievement team talk about how they have supported students this academic year.

19th January 2021

The months between September and the winter break in December tend to be one of our busiest and buzzing times of the academic year and 2020 has been no different. Despite the challenges 2020 has thrown at us all so far, we are well into a new academic year with lots of hopeful faces starting and returning to their journey in higher education and beyond!

To support Solent’s new students we have been involved in the transition days run by the Access and Widening Participation team that take place in July, August and September, in our sessions we have tried to ensure our new students have a good understanding of how university might differ from their previous educational experience, emphasise the support available and try and explain a few of the most common myths and some of university jargon, all with the underpinning message that university is a personal journey for everyone to make what you want of it. To get the most from it engage with as many of the opportunities on offer to Students.

Now that the academic year has begun our next step is to reach out to those students that in our experience might need a bit of extra support and ensure they understand that they know that everyone at Solent is here to help them by answering their questions and supporting them. This could be those that have a piece of work to re-sit from last year, those repeating part of their studies or it might be someone in the final level of their course who wants to understand how they can excel in their studies this year and obtain the award they are aspiring to. In addition to this we know how difficult it can be for some students to ask for help which is why we run a student initiative where we ask teaching staff to refer students that they are concerned about for whatever reason so that we can then reach out to them and make sure everything is ok and ensure they know about the support available to them should they need it.

We are just one part of the Solent community working collaboratively and sharing the responsibility to ensure our students are fully supported to engage, achieve and thrive during their studies whilst helping them become future ready!

We will always email staff and students in the first instance to help us to help you please keep your eye out for emails from us throughout the year.