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MSc Digital Design student Natasha Deacon decided to join in an Adobe Behance challenge with only an hour to spare – and won!

19th April 2018
Computing and games

Earlier this month, Adobe held a live challenge on Behance, an online network of sites used to showcase online portfolios, among other things.

With the live episodes aimed at UI/UX designers, MSc Digital Design student Natasha Deacon decided to join in the challenge with only an hour to spare – and won! She will receive a year’s free subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Entrants were tasked with designing a 3+ screen web experience for pet socials and playdates using Adobe XD and the Pawtastic UI kit that was provided.

We spoke to Natasha about her entry, and how she feels to have won. She says:

“With my design I decided to come up with something a bit more original. Although I still used some elements from the UK kit, I played around a lot with the font, colours and copy so it featured realistic content, as well as using images I downloaded from Unsplash.

“It was a very weird feeling knowing that more than 1,200 people were watching the live video from different places around the world. I was nervous about hearing not just what the hosts thought of my submission, but also what the viewers thought as they left their comments.

“It was nice (and useful!) to see and hear some great positive feedback from lots of different people from different backgrounds. All of the submissions were great and the ones I was up against were of such high quality I honestly didn’t think I would win!


“I love learning the new skills and theories that are associated with a job in UI/UX design, as this is what I want to do once I’ve completed my master’s. I’m enjoying every minute of my course and, as well as the job-related skills, I am also learning the importance of building social capital and networking with others in the industry.

“Thanks to a couple of my lecturers, who have encouraged me to attend events and reach out to professionals to build relationships, I have come across some great opportunities as well as prepare a great deal for life after uni, especially in terms of my career path.”

You can view Natasha’s winning prototype here, and her website here.

Since winning this contest, Natasha has since found out she has won another!