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Friday 31 January 2014

Can Solent snatch the snitch?

In this blog post we interview Southampton Solent University student Sarah Dorricott, who has taken the time to set up her very own Quidditch club right here in Southampton!

You can meet the team and have a go yourself at the Sport Solent Roadshow in Hoglands Park on Friday 19 September! Join the official event on Facebook for more info.

Quidditch sounds like a fun and diverse game! What caused you and your club to get on your broomsticks and start playing together?

I first got into Quidditch through my love for Harry Potter. I grew up with the films and books and they have always been a part of my life. It was in the summer of 2012 that I volunteered at to be a part a tournament where America, Canada, France and Australia all came over to the UK to play, this is where I first fell in love with the sport. I looked around in my area and there was no main team set up so I decided to set one up myself!

The Quidditch team in the beginning.

Quidditch hasn’t just taken off in England, but also around the world! How does it feel to be one of such a small number of teams in the UK?

It feels amazing, to be part of something from the beginning, that we know is soon to be in every university around the country is such an amazing feeling.

Have you had much interest from the local community and from the local University students?

We’ve had a lot of interest from everyone around Southampton. As soon as any of the team mention that they play Quidditch, everyone is instantly intrigued. Most of our team are from the University of Southampton but we are slowly building up our team from Solent too!

The Quidditch team now.

How does Muggle Quidditch differ from that in the wizarding world?

The main difference is obviously that we can’t fly like they do, which is the main question we get asked a lot. In Muggle Quidditch, we still have 7 players on each team like in the books, a main ball (quaffle) that we score with, we have 3 bludgers instead of 2 like in the books, and the snitch is a person with a tag that the seekers have to grab! Quite like tag rugby.

Where do you train?

We train twice a week at the bottom of Southampton Common. On Wednesdays, we train from 1.30pm-4.00pm and on Sundays from 1:00pm – 3.30pm.


What is a typical training session?

Most of our sessions start with a standard warm up which includes jogging and other exercises around the pitch, followed by a bit of a stretching and then either straight into a game or possibly some circuits/boot camp style exercise and a specific player position training exercise. It’s really great for fitness.

Does the team currently compete in a league?

Currently there isn’t an official league in the UK but Southampton are now ranked 4th in the UK after the British Quidditch Cup in November. An official League is in the process of being set up as at the moment it is just friendlies that are played between teams that have the funding to travel.

Who can be involved with the team?

Everyone and anyone. We do not just except students but also graduates and the general public!

Quidditch in action.

How do you recommend people find out more about Southampton Quidditch Club?

You can visit our page at or come along to any of our sessions on a Wednesday or Sunday. We always welcome new people and on your first go you’re free to take part in as much or as little as you’d like to.